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   DTZ Dai Deliang goes

Those who be in a bank is leasehold adjust measure to fall, forecast negative interest rate to will hold longer time 2008, conduce maintains the enthusiasm of investor. The contain of residential property market that all shows Chinese interior wears each number to expand latent capacity tremendously.

Dai Deliang of DTZ of international property adviser publishs an analysis all right, show 2007 growth of Chinese inland economy puts aggravate of delay, inflation to reach all-around below the setting of macroscopical adjusting control, estate market appeared driving but not steady growth. There was market of property of inpour of more churchyard capital last year, it is investment for the most part in residential project respect. Administration adopts the adjusting control policy of stereo type, your house market is in the four seasons began to appear last year the sign that puts delay, of the big city such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen clinch a deal quantity and house price go downward, but 2007 years whole for domestic major city rises bigger still. The negative interest rate of the bank expects also conduce maintains investor to be opposite the interest of estate market, and in residential market respect, chengdu, Tianjin and Shenyang predict to will become the new central issue 2008.

   Amplitude of Gross National Product fall after a rise

DTZ Dai Deliang reviews all right and look into the development of market of chinese mainland property, the analysis goes one year shop of the residence of main city, office building, business, industry reachs the mainland project of apartment of type of content shedding, hotel, Composite (include a hotel) when the market that waits for each category is behaved, express, chinese mainland economy has tremendous latent capacity, still belong to investment heat of the whole world, growth of its Gross National Product was 2007 11.4% , amount to a RMB 24.7 billion yuan, achieve the beautiful performance that all has 10% above growth 5 years continuously. The amplitude that looks into the Gross National Product 2008 nevertheless will fall after a rise, low even to 9.5% . DTZ wears Zhang Guozheng of CEO of heart Lianghang chinese mainland to say: "The economy of chinese mainland grows, predicting likelihood is based on global economy appeared to put the consideration of delay and be affected 2008. " inflationary aggravate can be another main factor. Rate of inflation of the end of the year rose compared to the same period 2007 4.8% , and the inflationary rate January 2008 already was amounted to 7.1% , what to go 11 months come is new tall. Zhang Guozheng says: "To avoid economic overheat, administration is in 2008 or should strengthen its policy of macroscopical adjusting control, include to add breath and tighten up leasehold in order to command housing price. " the adjusting control measure of administration, from the land value added tax that introduced in Feburary 2007, collect land with what consummate month carries out unused cost, add year of administration to roll out more cheap to rent room and price fixing house, in order to alleviate in of low income crowd live room demand, these policy and inflation predict to will continue to grow the development that reachs property market to bring concussion to outback economy.
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