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Recently, high power international in Weisiting the hotel was held " trend of development of investment of estate of China of international of 2007 high power is analysed " the reporter sees meeting, each section chief attended area of Asia-Pacific of high power international this second conference. Meeting on the meeting, chief of section of Asia-Pacific of high power international points out, review the tendency that domestic real estate develops flourishingly, guangzhou property appreciates space still big.

This controller expresses from 1990-1995 year after fastigium, guangzhou estate market is in after experiencing financial storm, entered low ebb period of nearly 10 years. Have the Guangzhou of long historical culture, civilian fortune is accumulated very rich, praedial to purchasing desire is very tall. In future 5 years, figure of the economy of Guangzhou, society will once great leap forward, establishment of all sorts of the investment of the build of large infrastructure, light course, form a complete set are perfect wait for a society to drive, will draw many outside public figure, how to reside in Guangzhou buy course of study. Pearl River new city, the Milky way is mixed the large construction of Pa continent district, the one side that witnessed Guangzhou history decay.

Relative to domestic other city, guangzhou does not have the advantage condition of finance, travel, the development of estate market brings more business chance for Guangzhou economy change, help the economic structure that changes Guangzhou thereby. From the point of trend of estate market development, guangzhou property market will conform 5 years with internationalization in future. Hotels of 5 astral class international already rose from 3 a few years ago uptodate 12, of high quality exceed first class office building to will roll out the market to wait in succession 2007, affirmed the latent capacity of Guangzhou estate market further.

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International of high power of high power international is the real estate of global foreign capital that enters Guangzhou the earliest serves a company, its business basically includes research of property management, market, office building to rent project of representative, office building and investment adviser to wait. The side runs in property, 2007, high power international is in Guangdong the building of business of pipe of provincial and responsible other people dish the project is amounted to 40 many, include MALL of large building of town of the Milky way of sea of golden bay, another name for Guangdong Province, Hua Na to wait. Market research respect, the early days analysis that high power international participated in project of space of underground of new city of project of Pa continent television tower and Pearl River, market research, feasibility considers to work. In respect of office building representative, high power international occupied Guangzhou commerce building dish acting category 70% , rent every year clinch a deal the area exceeds 100 thousand square metre. Investing advisory respect, use the platform of high power international, facilitated to exceed 1 billion yuan project in Guangzhou area, finished labor person, restful insurance, big Yi Chulian is flower, medium the buying and selling of the project such as Thailand border invests.
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