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Hong Kong business signs up for a reporter to report: Policy of sequence estate adjusting control makes occurrence shock of price of each district house. The expert inside course of study pointed out recently, today sex of the look up before second policy is had, content also reachs the designated position directly, market mood already was affected, may bring about the intermediary with a few lesser dimensions or development business to close down, specific rate is inspected even the actual condition of each district, but element of indebted Olympic Games, beijing field still is firm after beginning of spring in have those who rise not common expression.

Expand business in a small way or will close down

Dai Deliang goes key link of Yue Feng of director of integrated residence department points out China north area, sex of the look up before this round of adjusting control is strong, come on stage timely, indication government already realized price of partial region house to have reduce a space, and differ on content before kind relatively macroscopical, however specific aim is strong, specific reach the designated position. He believes the development business with a few lesser dimensions, rely on a relation to take the company of ground especially, because lack invests capital and the meeting appears close down the crisis.

The feeling that different area gets an effect is spent different also, strategy of subregion of north of Dai Deliang travel develops Ma Kanglin of advisory department director to point out, southern city for instance and other places of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the information that develops business feedback shows, house price and atmosphere are affected, northern city just enters town temporarily appetent weaker, but floor price still keeps stable. "In fact, the market also is to borrow situation adjust, real trend takes a fancy to long-term performance even. Real trend takes a fancy to long-term performance even..

As a result of adjacent Hong Kong, yue Feng key link thinks price of Shenzhen part house already neared thither new Territories area, because this is difficult,have ascendant space. Contrary and northern city is like Beijing, year of every clinch a dealing of the bottom the metropolis is weaker, add city intermediary to increase, competitive nature has the person that close, "Adjusting control is an influence, but not be exclusive with the biggest factor. " after he believes beginning of spring passes, indebted Olympic Games and supply little element, atmosphere of Beijing building city can improve, still be met and like in former years smooth up, but rise influence is relatively minor.

Hire of capital business real estate will still go up raise

In addition, dai Deliang goes Wu Peiling of director of office building department thinks, uptodate it is new old Lou Yu alternant phase, very much original company searchs new building to enter halt cause demand bigger, beijing is to be based on factor of Olympic Games safety more, began to suspend office building decorating batch of Fu this year in May, because this meeting brings about supply of first class office building put delay, may appear during the Olympic Games insipid period.
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