Tall abb property: Financial service pushs hire of tall office building

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The whole world is famous property of tall abb of firm of house property adviser (Cushman & Wakefield) release research report to say yesterday, hire of global office building grew about 14% on average last year, this basically is to get of the United States, England and demand of service industry of Asian market banking drive.

Tall abb property overcomes phenanthrene to strap the subsidiary below group division for American the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. The data that this company provides shows, before last year 10 capital the office building hire of the most expensive city grows building hire on average about 40% . Among them London is the city with the most expensive hire of global office building, average level is office building hire 311.58 dollars / square foot; Hong Kong is ranked the 2nd, for 238.58 dollars / square foot; Tokyo is ranked the 3rd, for 210.12 dollars / square foot.

Rank the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 10 city is respectively: Bombay, Muscovite, Paris, Singapore, enlighten do obeisance to, Dublin, new York.

Maria Sicola of president of tall abb property expresses, these high-end market demand are driving and stable, new supply is done not have almost however, "Financial service industry is the crucial factor that prompts hire of these market office building to go tall " . She emphasizes at the same time, although this year up to now increase rate of office building hire dropped 5-10 percent, but right second borrow the crisis how to will affect trend of office building hire to make conclusions to still be vogue early.

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