Central Plains is landed: Commercial real estate presents much center to develop

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As in recent years the development of Beijing business market and perfect, furthermore the area that large mart is located in a lot of new students to be perfected at establishment of traffic advantage, form a complete set, because this is on the foundation that waits for traditional shopping centre like well of king government office, Xidan, front door, appeared a lot of burgeoning shopping centre. Position of this kind of burgeoning shopping centre has ZhongGuanCun, day outside, Chong Wen door, east garden of straight door, Mu Xi, look at Beijing to wait. These burgeoning shopping centre have development latent capacity extremely, and begin drive urban business real estate forward polycentric trend develops. These burgeoning shopping centres look from atmosphere of situation, commerce and appreciation potential, it is certain to all be had representative. The management mode photograph that finalizes the design already basically with traditional shopping centre is compared, development perspective is more wide also.

   Large community commerce is arisen

In last few years the evolution of Beijing community commerce presents a relatively clear trend, it is the development as large house community, the dimensions of its community commerce also is increased subsequently, average system measures these community trade bigger, if surpass beauty of city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, country littoral,the commercial area of the project such as condition of emperor of home of green of celestial bodies of the first city, all ages beautiful city, north, Pearl River is in above of 100 thousand square metre, partial community commerce besides introducing large chain supermarket, still plan to make characteristic business street the content such as shopping mall of integrated perhaps commerce, with period can progress of economy of region of have the aid of will extend a new regional mart. These act are indicating community commerce has been a kind from change of primitive form a complete set property new " extroversion " market pattern, and had formed oneself relatively independent market space. For the angle that develops from community commerce, this is the expression with community ongoing business.

But, although these are large of community commerce entered the perfect life form a complete set that is longing of place of the person that buy a house to offer fundamental condition, but in fact, effects of a lot of operation of large community business are not valued, appear even higher empty buy rate. The cause that creates this kind of appearance has two sides:

Depend on developing business not to understand commercial operation rule on one hand cause community trade establishment does not match with the person that use, the builds a structure not to accord with condition of commercial line of business demand of commercial real estate is to cause community commerce empty buy to lead one of taller accounts. Community commerce is one kind is service object with the dweller inside community limits, so that civilian, benefit civilian, satisfy and promote a dweller to consume the apanage commerce that is a target integratedly. This kind of apanage explicit sex that reachs service target, the amount of condition of line of business of the dimensions that decided community commerce, business and configuration are combined. And on the profit of a huge sum that develops business to often focus attention in community commerce to may be brought, fail on configuration of condition of commercial scale, industry as soon as possible does good early days to plan to work, for the commerce of later period the sale causes hard injury.
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