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Although enter,be stationed in want next year January, but, firm of adviser of Mai Ken stannum already signed Xin Maoda mansion early recently the lease of 6500 square metre. The intermediate quantity couplet that releases yesterday goes report of index of property of area of big China of the 2nd quarter points out, a large amount of renting report of trading emerge in large numbers gives numerous transnational corporation to rent the driving demand that go up in Shanghai office building.

The 2nd quarter reachs a large amount of renting trade to still include: Large building of day of shake of Pudong of take on lease of firm of chemistry of contented family name the office area of 8000 square metre; Broken bits hits bank rent Pudong to collect inferior edifice the office area of 6000 square metre; The star exhibits bank rent to collect inferior edifice the office area of 4800 square metre; The United States is stridden this square of grand of constant of attorney office take on lease the office area of 3560 square metre.

Intermediate measures couplet travel data to make clear, demand of Shanghai office building lasts exuberant, average day hire maintains in 0.8 dollars / square metre / day left and right sides, the part already exceeded 1 dollar / square metre / day.

Intermediate measures Chen Limin of director of district of couplet travel China to predict, come since this year 2007, market of Shanghai office building afterwards after 1995, enter again supply fault, powerful demand still will be pulled considerably move hire and price to rise.

This year first half of the year, benefit and riverside, Kang Ning and international paper industry in succession Shanghai of area headquarters ingoing, current, the transnational corporation that establishs area headquarters in Shanghai already exceeded 100. Demand of Shanghai office building still goes high continuously.

Intermediate measures report of couplet travel index to still make clear, the rate of office building empty buy of Puxi and Pudong is maintained in inferior level. 2 quarters, even if includes recently the edifice of beautiful flag group of completion 90 thousand square metre, empty buy rate also is the first class office building of Pudong only 7.4% . Office building empty buy leads Pu Xi once upon a time first quarter 5.9% fall to 3.8% .

The huge demand that rent and the shortage that do public property line of business make investor people still assiduous seek the opportunity that invests office property in Shanghai.

Area of China of north of travel of intermediate quantity couplet studies the ministry is in charge of He Mai but (MichaelHart) express: "Other property also trades in active look for opportunity, this includes current and only of a few office spaces tomorrow square. This includes current and only of a few office spaces tomorrow square..

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