Gao Wei is round-the-world: Market of Beijing office building reviewed in August

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   Hire rises continuously

Although add supply newly to put in the market ceaselessly, average rent is in market of office building of Beijing each level to still rose continuously August, the market that rent clinchs a deal active.

Top class office building is effective clean hire and on comparing of phase of the moon rises 1.4% , litre to every months every average meter of 41.07 dollars, meanwhile, office building of class of first class, second is effective clean hire rises respectively 1.5% with 1.3% , achieve every months every make the same score rice 30.3 dollars and 20.9 dollars.

   Market demand brings about empty buy rate to drop strong

In office building market powerful demand effect falls, office building of first class of market of Beijing of the corresponding period is overall empty buy rate falls to 13.3% , with photograph comparing dropped July a percent.

   Add supply newly to put in the market

Be located in on the west the center of smooth big international of 2 annulus already was entered 1 times August, added newly for the market about 41, the 300 office areas of smooth rice.

In the meantime, the center of international of China course of study that is located in CBD trade group already sold small or petty proprietor entirely, entered in August, total floor area of its office building is about 21, 000 smooth rice.

Peaceful China edifice was offerred for ZhongGuanCun trade group about 36, the 000 office building of smooth rice increase supply newly, already entered at the corresponding period.

   Estate develops investment

A report that chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association issues makes clear, since 2007, the domestic loan amplitude in source of estate development capital is successive two quarters appear rise, the 2nd quarter grows 31.6% compared to the same period. The loan rate that bank and orgnaization of blame bank finance come from in borrowing money with the country that develops at estate first half of the year is respectively 92.4% with 7.6% , achieve three hundred and nineteen billion three hundred and seven million yuan to mix 26.13 billion yuan.

2007 the 2nd quarter, in developing financing source, estate uses foreign capital to increase compared to the same period 30.5% , amplitude is compared decrease first quarter 123.9% , appear to drop significantly.

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