Dai Deliang goes: Hong Kong is Asia-Pacific area of the costliest office buildin

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Dai Deliang of DTZ of international property adviser goes newest findings report shows, hong Kong remained the office building inside Asia-Pacific area to lease the area with Wu top pay 2007, and become the 2nd the costliest shopping centre on global rank, be next to London (on the west area) .

DTZ Dai Deliang is published all right newest " global office building hires Wu expenditure " findings report, cover the whole world 49 countries in all the office building of 137 shopping centre hires Wu expenditure to be reached situation. The report shows, with dollar computation, the expenditure hiring Wu that has 89.8% areas presented growth 2007, 8% now are moved, the rest of 2.2% keep smooth.

Asia-Pacific area is behaved in the economy 2007, in the economy of of the same age with North America and Western Europe area expression parts bigger. Strategy of subregion of north of DTZ Dai Deliang travel develops advisory ministry to be in charge of Tao Ruhong to express: " indebted reach relevant and professional service industry at finance, safe, estate, and industry of information science and technology grows flourishingly, asia-Pacific area is in economic performance is driving last year, drive office building demand to be added urgently. " calculate with the dollar, the office building that one area does not have inside Asia-Pacific area hires Wu expenditure to drop somewhat, reflect the demand that the business inside the area used property last year very ardent. As to in North America and respect of Western Europe area, it is no matter with dollar or it is local money computation, the expenditure that hire Wu is recorded so that lose the area of growth, its rate all rises somewhat; If press dollar computation, north America area hires the city that Wu expenditure drops to have 20% more, one of reasons believe is be presented in last year second affect by credit crisis place.

In the shopping centre that the whole world hired Wu expenditure to rank 10 first 2007, london two shopping centre and Hong Kong continue male crouch 3 armour position. London (on the west area) with annual 呎 hires 275.7 dollars (34% ) continue to hold a title head of a list of names posted up, hong Kong with annual 呎 hires 213.2 dollars to rise reach the 2nd, amplitude is 37.5% ; London (downtown) criterion with annual 呎 hires 183.1 dollars to rank the 3rd, amplitude is 17% .

With compared 2006, only 7 shopping centre continue to occupy the whole world ranked a watch 10 times first to go up 2007, 3 go up newly area of a list of names posted up is Moscow, Singapore and Xin Deli respectively, 3 person the expenditure that hire Wu all was recorded nearly last year 40% to exceed even more the arrogant person of one times rises. Contented gentleman says: ?06.3% of  of grave of  of Mou of  of  of  of  of accept of busy of leisurely of collection of calcic travel washing with watercolors, make its rank the 22nd from 2006 to jump litre reach the 6th, also be the rank in 10 big shopping centre raises a the largest area. " Singapore and Xin Deli all the bitter fleabane break out of the financial insurance of the area and course of study of information science and technology exhibits particularly indebted Yu Yatai, and Singapore more appear new office building supplies lopsided case. Contented gentleman complement points to: " as a result of center of seaside bay banking (Marina Bay Financial Centre) should arrive 2010 ability completion, before this one, two years, the new office building of Singapore is supplied will not have remarkable growth. " as to Xin Deli respect, the bag outside information science and technology and commercial technological process (BPO) the rapid development of the industry, the expenses hiring Wu that drives Xin Deli rises 39.8% , yi Lingji rank rises to from the 20th the 10th. Moscow also is the rank jumps one of litre of highest areas, its hire Wu expenditure collection to get the growth of 95.2% , its are ranked also from dozenth jump litre reach the 4th.
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