Dai Deliang goes: Fire of ice of market of office building of Asia-Pacific North

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   [" finance and economics " the net stalks of grain only / reporter Song Yanhua] Dai Deliang released international property adviser on January 16 all right 2007 " global office building hires Wu expenditure " findings report, show Hong Kong office building hired Wu expenditure 2007 with year all 213.2 dollars / square foot (add up to 2294.9 dollars about / square metre) first place of house Asia-Pacific area, after Tokyo, Singapore tightens therewith.

In the whole world, the expenditure hiring Wu of Hong Kong is next to London (on the west area) (year all 275.7 dollars / square foot) , arrange second place, ever since ordinal for London (downtown) , Moscow and Tokyo.

The so-called expenses that hire Wu, it is the cost of average total rent that points to a month, include the pay such as tax of hire, property and upkeep costs, but do not include to avoid lease, decorate charge and other lease privilege.

Dai Deliang has issued this report 11 years continuously all right. This second report covered the whole world 49 countries in all the office building of 137 shopping centre hires Wu expenditure to reach its to go situation. The report shows, with dollar computation, the expenditure hiring Wu that there were 110 areas 2007 presents growth state, 19 cities give now to move, 8 cities hold the rest smooth.

From the ground divisional cloth looks, the office building of Asia-Pacific area and North America area hires Wu expenditure to walk along situation it may be said to put fire on the ice double day.

Suffer the sub room that 3 quarters erupted 2007 to lend crisis influence, the whole world hires Wu expenditure to drop a the largest 3 areas total position at the United States, ordinal reach Atlanta for California Oakland, los angeles. Among them, the expenditure hiring Wu of Oakland dropped 24.4 % , the rank drops to from the 42nd of 2006 87.

Under photograph comparing, the office building of Asian area hires Wu expenditure to not have drop. Singapore hires Wu expenditure one year to go up panel height is amounted to 106. 3 % , go up a coronal that is the whole world, the expenditure that hire Wu row whole world the 7th. Wu expenditure was hired to also rise in Indian new moral character 39. 8 % , the rank rises to by the 20th the 10th.

Strategy of subregion of north of Dai Deliang travel develops advisory ministry to be in charge of Tao Ruhong to analyse, singapore hires Wu expenditure to go up bigger, main and indebted the bitter fleabane break out at this area banking, safe, estate and relevant industry is exhibited, additionally Singapore geography area adds an item lesserly, newly not much, also push hire Wu spending level high. The prosperity of market of the office building in new moral character includes the development of business outside science and technology of information of India of main profit from, employee wages standard and company operation cost are inferior also be the main factor that attracts investor.

Under photograph comparing, ground city rank appears inside China the fall of different level, the city that only does not drop to rise instead is Shenzhen, its hired Wu expenditure to be 37.3 dollars 2007 / square foot (add up to 401.5 dollars about / square metre) , grow 19 compared to the same period. 54 % , the rank rises by the 87th reach the 80th.
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