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Yesterday, the 2 quarters market that be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei releases studies the report shows: The market of office building of Shanghai first class that rent is very at present active, rate of high grade property is whole empty buy falls to 0.5% , before predicting to item pay appears on the market inside 2007 " hire beforehand rate " will achieve 55% .

Analyst of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei expresses, shanghai center is at present high grade demand of first class office building is exuberant the situation will still continue, especially the office building of area of land home mouth, find whole empty place area very hard almost, office building of individual even first class is strong finishing before long basic " hire completely " .

For example, the finishing Shanghai bank large building end 2006, inside 6 months after its complete, building hire rate already exceeded 90% , and hire level is compared when be being hired beforehand, also had risen 32% . In addition, open quotation of times banking center only a month is obtained namely lease intent area beforehand 30 thousand more than square metre, among them finance kind the client is occupied 60% . According to forecasting, one large quantities of hire beforehand trade will be in future is reached inside a few months.

In addition, the appearance with insufficient supply of core area bridal chamber is possible in future a few months get alleviating. According to the investigation of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei, downtown of a few months will add a project newly to will increase relatively henceforth, the princely brilliant of road of the law court of drive emerald green a person of extraordinary powers that supplies centralized project to will appear in ancient north, Mount Hua is tasted reach the garden that collect peace, Xu Hui 100 collect garden. Predict these projects can give Shanghai estate market to bring new sale peak.

In market of industrial real estate, after from Shanghai land of industry of solid this year construction auctions a system, the land price that causes certain zone rose one times since this year January. And the hire that sheds a center as burgeoning content flies litre, investment business and development business promote greatly to the interest of Shanghai circumjacent area, too hill of storehouse, elder brother, fine promote, Ci Xi and other places becomes the industrial real estate with foreign capital new company the key area of project settle. For example " Feng Shu content flows " not long ago is firm with Suzhou Wu Jiang the autograph restricts economic development, purchase industrial land 400 mus; And AMB and Gazley near future also are finished inside these area and buy trade.

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