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Below the circumstance that in the residence investment return rate drops, the commercial real estate of Shanghai goes against city to go tall, clinch a deal valence and clinch a deal the quantity greets a small height, make the window in landed market. And because capital steam again is difficult,spread the land agent that cherish makes work to business all the time in the past, in also taking out a few shop to put in the market.

In the research report that lucky market research center issued recently shows, shanghai business spread assembly to hand in amount to amount to 2.245 billion yuan June, annulus increases than May 41.9% . From clinch a deal in light of valence, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, shanghai business shop clinched a deal June price rose about 14% .

“ although temperature of market of Shanghai business shop is reduced somewhat than last year this year, also put in certain wait-and-see mood, the investment heat that nevertheless Shanghai business spreads since May is going high. Business of property of ” beautiful couplet spreads Lou Feng of group of assistant business director to express, besides Shanghai native land investor, the civilian idle fund of a few rivers, short for Zhejiang Province also is seeking equal investment opportunity on Shanghai business shop.

Data shows, predict Shanghai of second half of the year will have left and right sides of 1.2 million square metre to be able to make work this year shopkeeper spreads city, will greet a supply height. Supply of shop of “ suburb business is very large, do not eliminate business of a few development to bale sell under market price. Land agent of ” Central Plains does Shan of Shan of Xu of research assistant director to express.

Business lives to be hanged into heat to hold a reason in both hands

Place produces the report that issued on July 23 to show in, in June 2008, county of 19 districts of Shanghai whole town adds up to clinch a deal business room 1801, with on comparing of phase of the moon increases considerably, amplitude is as high as 131.2% ; Commercial property assembly hands in an area to be one hundred and ninety-four thousand one hundred square metre, relatively on the month grows 33.2% .

Relative to the wait-and-see attitude at residential purchaser, mood of business shop investor is very upbeat.

So much of “ Shanghai population, I believe to invest business shop to be able to have get one's own back, of won't deficient money. ” comes from the investor river gentleman of Zhejiang lukewarm mountain to express, he thinks to want to have these daily consumption only, business shop has actual demand to exist, need not be anxious hire.

Study the data shows, shanghai price is in 20 thousand yuan / the high-grade apartment hire of square metre above year return rate is low already to 2.7% , compare a bank one year even period deposit is fiducial interest rate is low still. “ but the average return rate that Shanghai business spreads is in about 8% the left and right sides. ” Lou Feng expresses, the hire that business of Shanghai's burgeoning urban deputy center spreads goes up very big, it is good that its invest foreground at the residence.
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