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The market clinchs a deal insipid, speed of carry out building puts delay, development business plays again on the price now removed “ tall newspaper is low the play that opens ” . The “ tall newspaper that says here is low open ” , the Lou Pangang that is not traditional sense to go up hits a high price when open quotation, next repass privilege, dozen fold wait for a method to depreciate sales promotion. Present “ tall newspaper is low opening ” is to say to be in building dish not before open quotation, sign up for a higher price external, be just like ” of “ smoke ball, but actual when open quotation price compares foregoing quoted price every square metre wants low on 1000 yuan even thousands of yuan.

For instance Li bay some dish, ever quoted before open quotation 18000 yuan / M2, but in the price when open quotation only 13000 yuan / M2; More beautiful some dish, the newspaper before open quotation crosses 18000~23000 yuan / the day price of M2, real value also is in open quotation only 14000~16000 yuan / M2. Return Dou Mou having a flower similarly with this dish, ceng Chuan goes out with 8000 yuan / M2 open quotation, but real value only 4000~6000 yuan / M2. Newest a case it is sea bead some dish, quote formerly external 11000~14000 yuan / M2, open quotation price is in only 10500~13500 yuan / M2.

Business of a lot of development says frankly, this is a lot of buildings dish sale present customary gimmick. “ tall newspaper is low open ” to be able to try the psychological price that buys the home where to be after all on one hand, namely the price bears ability has how old; Can promote those who buy the home to expect the price on the other hand. When arriving to make work however with open quotation of “ low ” , can let buy a feeling that has ” of price of “ bamboo shoot, still raised the hope that Lou Pansheng is worth at the same time, can ensure so the successful sale of the first batch of goods.

Nevertheless, no matter method how, judge its final result, be pointed to finally or clinch a deal actually quantity. No matter be new dish old still dish leave high low go politic, cannot leave “ rationality ” this is crucial, not be every time to low go to be able to bring stimulation, should inspect whether does the price fall to real point truly, ability can have the show respect for that buy the home. Because afore-mentioned a few dishes real values are basic the callback reached the designated position, handed over good sale report finally so.

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