High end of Beijing office building is new in September dish: Volume small price

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High end of Beijing office building is new in September dish: Volume small price is low " bold and unconstrained " no longer

The high end that if turn to the line of sight from the Olympic Games grand meeting of empty after the show,was about to enter town in September is new dish, the characteristic that “ measures little value low ” has investment value more than the ” of “ bold and unconstrained September 2007. There is Jin Jiuyin of a “ in building city the market of 10 ” is mensurable, whether can market of house of Beijing high end appear a “ aureate ” in September 2008?

“ our company will was opposite on September 1 SOHO China is all raise price in the round in carry out project. ”2008 year on August 25, what real estate stars Pan Shige is accepting media is online when interviewing, one begin language piece breathtaking. To raising the argument of valence, pan Shige did not allude completely market element, state this is price of “ raw material only go up the result of a too big ” .

10 ” and photograph of in former years compared the “ Jin Jiuyin of building city 2008 cold and cheerless a lot of, according to " newly mark " statistic shows, the high-end house that in September around Beijing enters town newly is only 11, and most development business chose low to enter town. Right now Pan Shige casts a “9 month to rise in price by ” , also become this month one of window of building city.

Does Pan Shige rise in price actively whether adumbrative move is building city about to anabiosis in September? Do not value to the personage inside this course of study. Odd from September new dish in light of, from supply an area to appear to sale price very “ low-key ” . Although in September of the market low fan continue as before, but the high-end Lou Panzhong of photograph of 11 Xin Liang, however accumulate the new trend that containing the market.

” of “ bold and unconstrained no longer

According to the tradition of building city, 9, the season that October should be development trade results, the “ Jin Jiuyin of in former years 10 ” are a pair new dish of lively picture that enters town centrally. But the situation is apparently different however this year, although “ depresses ” development business of nearly one year still is opposite 10 ” express “ Jin Jiuyin great expectations, but new dish supply decrease greatly however.

Basis " newly mark " right new in September 2008 the result shows dish of statistic: Arrive from Olympic Games hind by September, whole town predicts the new project amount that appear is 34, among them unit price is in 20000 yuan / the high-end residence project of square metre above 11. According to inferior newest statistic data shows orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers, predicting “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” two months, the capital has open quotation of 80 real-estate project about, cannot with last year in September of 77 projects new dish of quantity with day language.
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