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On message face, chinese ink of executive chairman of asset management company compares handler of famous international fund, Tanbaidu Si Benzhou expresses Er, after dropping considerably through lasting, the stock of this two big rising markets already highlighted China and India investment appeal. He still discloses, the oil that oneself are buying China. We already pressed “ afresh appraise value will arrange investment combination, and the appraise value of India and stock market of Chinese and other places had fallen a lot of. When the Mobiersi that ” is managing capital fund of nearly 47 billion dollar was accepting Peng rich company to interview a few days ago, say. He still expresses, they had seen in in imprint the opportunity that stock market “ cleans out brummagem ” .

Meanwhile, the politic division of United States forest also shows pair of A in this week value. The Asia-Pacific area investment that beautiful Lin Gong manages is politic in division division 23 days express, asian area counts China and Thailand stock market to have investment appeal most, below the setting that in gain growth quickens, the share price before this drops make stock of this two countries more cheap.

Analytic personage points out: The factor that affects the stock market nothing more than it is a few main factors such as macroscopical economy, policy, psychology, capital, time, in current and macroscopical economy Shang Moming improves truly, policy face the circumstance of mixed economy environment issues be enslaved to be enslaved to, should point to rise all the way, concussion of nonexistent a bit and labyrinthian, apparent highbrow. So, the ” of star of “ shade cross of Zhou Er, Zhou San is brunt be not storehouse of shock of ” topic make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas, shock with “ size just, look not this bit clearer, the reaction of prices of “ dimension firm ” that comes down with respect to meeting butt joint is wooden. On the technology, trade through two an archives of day arrange, grail had been broken through in Zhou Si arrange platform, short-term rebound impetus cannot be held back.

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