Capital office building is secondhand room once more " volume price double fall

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Capital office building is secondhand room once more " volume price double fall " intermediate door model become the mainstream gradually

According to Beijing the statistic of orgnaization of broker of much home estate shows, august, beijing is secondhand the room clinchs a deal measure annulus comparing to drop 27% , dropped August last year compared to the same period 33% . Whole clinchs a deal all valence and get on comparing of phase of the moon is small to drop 2.3% ; The fractionize data that different advantageous position belongs to shows, beijing is secondhand in August already bought public house trade all valence is 9214 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 1.60% ; Secondhand commodity house trades all valence is 8927 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing falls amount to 6.21% . This also is this year since, beijing is secondhand room market is successive two months occurrence “ estimates value double fall ” .

The Olympic Games restrains effect to highlight

Market personage is analysed, beijing is secondhand August the room clinchs a deal quantity considerably atrophic, the Olympic Games restrains effect is one of main reasons. Inferior abstruse area is during the Olympic Games, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the month on photograph comparing appears to glide considerably, fall achieve 50% .

I love Hu Jinghui of my home vice-president to express, the Olympic Games was held August, dispersed inevitably crowd of buy course of study is opposite situation have not the ” of “ attention line of sight of Anacreontic estate market, during together with Olympic Games the limitation of the respect such as traffic, security, the desire buying a house that created crowd of buy course of study is reduced greatly, secondhand of room market trade the quantity also is cared about atrophy appeared in makings.

The data of catenary home real estate shows, august, secondhand source of room market room hangs out his shingle in pairs of the quantity of quantity and client that register drops, drop extent is in 4 into above. Wang Zhiwei of director of research center of this company market thinks, the market after the Olympic Games is moved toward, it is the focus that buyers and sellers pays close attention to jointly, accordingly, in the market be about to Anacreontic before, not only demand square choice is wait-and-see, supply square enthusiasm to also drop greatly. He points out, advanced of paragraph of period wait-and-see in, the house property with larger space of partial occurrence negotiate a price, “ depreciates with its beg carry out, be inferior to waiting for sell ” is current owner again after the market is Anacreontic general psychology, and drop of supply and demand apparently, brought about those who clinch a deal to go low directly.
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