The Central Bank releases 7 years to oppose the report that wash money

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Chinese people bank yesterday (on September 4) announce washed money to report instead 2007. The report shows, our country shows some turning over to wash money inspect body is to had enclothed futures of bank, negotiable securities, the orgnaization of of all kinds finance that is sure inside, concerned branch is considering to start in the specific blame such as lawyer, estate financial domain spreads out to wash money and the job that fear financing instead instead, study, make secret condition of negotiable securities discrepancy declares a system.

Investigate 4533 finance orgnaization

Annual is punished 350 times in all

According to person travel statistic, the Central Bank undertook field survey to 4533 finance orgnaization 2007. Annual is added up to by condemnatory finance orgnaization 350, 7.72% what hold sum total of orgnaization of the finance that be checked, among them: Banking finance orgnaization 341, 8.72% what hold sum total of orgnaization of finance of the banking that be checked; Orgnaization of finance of industry of negotiable securities futures 4, 4.17% what hold sum total of orgnaization of finance of industry of futures of the negotiable securities that be checked; Insurance banking orgnaization 5, 0.95% what hold sum total of orgnaization of banking of the insurance that be checked. Be in in orgnaization of fine be in harmony, divide 3 to be involved only outside building what oppose the built-in control that wash money soundly to violate compasses problem by the regulation, did not identify client identity by the regulation or the others all is involved 347 times is to did not press a regulation the report is big and doubtful trade.

From the point of orgnaization category, rural credit agency and rural commercial bank are risen apparently by condemnatory scale. Annual discovers the case that did not press identity document of client of formulary examine and verify 14399 cases in all, 33468 did not register client identity by the regulation the circumstance of basic message or data of keep client identity, check give 744 anonymous account.

And the issue that examines discovery to orgnaization of finance of negotiable securities trade basically has: Did not identify client identity by the regulation; Did not report big trade and doubtful trade; Did not save client identity by the regulation data and trade record; All orgnaizations that be checked all differ degree existence washs the control inside money to spend diseased question instead. Identify respect and record to save a respect in client identity in violating compasses problem, as a result of,great majority is fund company cannot from sell goods on a commission basis the bank obtains information of client identity material to cause.

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