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Will hold in restaurant of lira of Hangzhou sweet case on October 9 " forum of height of Chinese landed character " , caused Hangzhou the attention of company of numerous estate development. Introduce according to organizing committee controller, since the message is released last week, the development business that ginseng of requirement signing up meets with respect to in an endless stream, and the senior officer that basically is company president, general manager and project technology respect waits.

As we have learned, because this height forum was the ginseng person that meet to prepare 200 chairs only, the organizing committee is obliged thing preexistence ginseng can print number on card, join meeting number with signing up to be controlled early or late orderly; And act on a service the tenet at the industry, to make more company is benefited from which, provision of every estate company has 3 chairs of quota of people only at most.

Why can altar of one field theory cause so many attention? "Saying with its is forum, still be inferior to saying is to groom. " just inspected returning Hangzhou all the way from and other places of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai hit the mark with a single comment of Lin Sanjiu of vice president of group of house property of 10 thousand horses: "After this we inspected the classical item such as ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold and bay of the Milky Way, him feeling is returned really with those preeminent companies in character respect have very far space. But review us make an on-the-spot investigation, hardship rushs about do not say, the member that can listen to carry out building only at most explains, can acquire a few surfaces, odd thing only actually, cannot touch the marrow of the project, more never mention it of whole project run flow to reach the system that prop up. And ' forum of height of Chinese landed character ' such form, development business not only can from those domestic centers its are drawn lessons from over there company manager of classical project run a course, and the quality hierarchy of control that still can know these businesses and standardization management system, get twice the result with half the effort. Get twice the result with half the effort..

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, as a result of,actually the reason of deeper administrative levels is this year of policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control come on stage, estate developed an enterprise to be challenged all-timely, "House property character " this one concept begins protruding to come out now. Although numerous development business also wants to make character, but often discover spent cost to did not achieve the result however. Policy of macroscopical adjusting control makes be bestowed favor on by the market be used to development business was experienced " the trouble that grow " , also make develop business at the same time more realize a building dish the importance of character.
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