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Yesterday, "Forum of height of environment of the 3rd Chinese house " in the province people congress hall opens. Architecture of construction ministry former undersecretary, China meets a director Song Chunhua, build a former chief engineer to make dissolve sacrificing oneself for a just cause, build ministry residence and Shen Jianzhong of vice director of real estate department, chinese estate and residential seminar are standing vice-chairman wraps Zong Hua, and U.N. person resides arrange official, domestic estate group is famous expert, scholar, representing of company of domestic and international famous development attended grand meeting of this one industry, and around " green person house, harmonious society " the theme spread out a harangue. Mark of deputy mayor Yang Qu attended an opening ceremony.

Current peak forum reachs residential seminar by Chinese estate government of people of city of committee of person house environment, Hangzhou is sponsorred jointly, gold the person resides foundation of environmental protection of house property group, China the environment is special fund undertakes. This activity got the Chinese resides what environmental award heads group office to support energetically not only, also be brought into at the same time U.N. " world person lives day " one of activities of global celebration series.

This second forum theme is " green person house, harmonious society " , aim to be established further and be fulfilled it is with the person this, the comprehensive and harmonious, scientific progress concept that can develop continuously, carry out actively in the center of put forward " compose builds socialistic harmony society " , " develop energy-saving province ground residence " wait for main drive, drive our country person to reside what the environment builds to be able to develop continuously. In two days sessional in, honored guest attending the meeting will around forum " rapid development town turns a tide " , " science and technology leads a person house future " and " compact model new town develops " 3 big topic for discussions, with the means of thematic report and union of interactive dialog photograph, undertake thorough discussion.

On congress, architecture of construction ministry former undersecretary, China meets a director Song Chunhua, country of the State Council endowment appoint Wang Zhongming of research center director, beijing international city develops academy dean, chief researcher to connect Yu Ming, progress of city of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Niu Fengrui of director of environmental research center, the person resides Chinese estate and residential seminar standing vice director holds environmental committee concurrently the expert scholar such as secretary-general Wang Chongbin, part with respect to " broad sense building is energy-saving with integrated and energy-saving measure " , " what kind of city is best city " , " Chinese city is changed change with concentration city " , " compact model new town develops -- , energy-saving province ground and can develop continuously, undertook the theme makes a speech. Business of scholar of governmental official, expert, development is represented, still undertook the theme interacts dialog. Midday, delegate attending the meeting heads for the gold that is located in Jin Douhua government office on a special trip house of person house science and technology, look around and know the result that Hangzhou is popularizing energy-saving building respect to obtain.
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