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More and more drawing near room is handed in meeting, let developed business to be full of not only look forward to and expect, also activationed secondhand room city " one pool autumn water " . Close paragraph of time, of many house property intermediary hang out one's shingle the capacity appears to grow apparently, some breaks up even times increase. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, this kind of change besides suffer " Jin Jiuyin 10 " influence of traditional solar term, hand in with the room that is about to begin greatly the meeting is inseparable.

Hang out one's shingle measure occurrence increase sharply

"This paragraph of time, come round to hang out one's shingle bought the home to increase many, the market anabiosises in the round evidence is clear " . Yesterday, when reporter and company of intermediary of a few brands are contacted, the dialect with multi-purpose and happy the other side passed a such information.

Jin Feng resides concerned personage easily to tell a reporter, september finally two weeks this kind of evidence is quite clear, statistical number shows, add newly this months hang out one's shingle one times gross was August almost; I love personnel of Wu of my family property to be mirrorred, hang out his shingle not only recently the quantity is increasing, register beg bought client to increase more apparent, buy the home, scale selling the home to be in so 1 ∶ 2.3 the left and right sides, now is 1 ∶ 1.7 the left and right sides. Personage of company of additionally a few intermediary also is mirrorred, hang out his shingle recently the capacity all appears the growth of different level.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, secondhand this kind of apparent change of the market, besides suffer effect of traditional solar term, the house that passes a few days to be about to hold is handed in can be an element that nots allow to ignore more. Before annual the room reachs meeting earlier stage, secondhand building city can appear hang out one's shingle the small wave crest of the quantity, many choices selling the home are in enter the market to be handed in for the room right now meeting " the battle before hitting " , look this not exceptional also.

Discretion selling the home fixes a price

With differ before, through the ablution of macroscopical adjusting control, this the bargainor did not want to take the advantage of a room to hand in in that way like in former years can earn more, chose however " low-key " the attitude that enters town.

Before before long, golden abundant Yi Juceng has undertaken client pay a return visit is investigated, the result shows a lot of bargainors are in be informed a room to hand in meeting after the information that is about to hold, did not increase the apiration that hangs valence, a few " long hang not if really " the bargainor exchanges views actively even to reduce a price appropriately with agent. If one is built 2000 a few days ago, the residence that is located in garden of member of the Imperial Academy, hang list price formerly 1.23 million, valence lets be as high as 70 thousand yuan after bargainor and buyer are discussed, facilitated finally this trades. This and before the room handed in the circumstance that raise up the price follows suit before the meeting to form sharp contrast. According to this company statistic, since macroscopical adjusting control nearly 4 months, secondhand although did not appear to be reduced substantially,the room hangs valence, also did not rebound apparently, almost stable be in 9000 yuan / square metre.
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