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Concern the adjusting control policy of price of cogent and stable housing and measure to be carried out better, the Zhejiang province that held in May on this year formerly is dozenth a Fang Bo meeting classics adjourns, will on October 13 - 16 days are in Hangzhou hold. Yesterday, the organizing committee reported Fang Bo can relevant circumstance, the theme is " stable house price, rational consumption " current Fang Bo is met, ginseng postpone a business many 90, can make work, reveal commodity house to amount to many 30 thousand, among them general goods Fang Zhanliu is become much, and secondhand the room will be set exhibit an area technically.

Ginseng exhibit a building dish 131

Deputy hall of province construction hall director of long, organizing committee Introduction Zhang Yao deep, the floor that current Fang Bo can cover the different type such as shop of the residence, office building, business, different class dish project, set two place in all, among them world trade center exhibits an area for commodity house, province library is secondhand the room exhibits an area.

According to organizing committee statistic, fang Bo shares 131 ginseng exhibit a building on the meeting dish. Can make work among them and reveal commodity house gross area to make an appointment with 2.8 million square metre, add up to many 33300, basically distributing in bank the area such as river, west lake, Yu Hang, Fu Yang. Among them bank river area has many 7200, west lake area has many 4600, more than Hangzhou area has many 7800, developing zone issueing sand has many 4600, next the city zone have many 3000, the city zone has many 1800 on, arch villa area has many 2400, wealthy in relief town has many 1700. In addition, still have gross area 8 office building buildings of 80 much square metre dish ginseng exhibit, business shop supplied an area to also achieve 60 thousand much square metre.

General goods room sings leading role

All previous Fang Bo can be new dish of season that rolls out in succession, and new dish of focus that also is consumer attention, current Fang Bo will be not exceptional also. Lou Panzhong is exhibited in 131 ginseng, new dish have 33, occupy about 1/4. Anew dish distributinging circumstance looks, main concentration is in west lake area, on the city zone and city area waits on the west. Among them, west lake area has 6 new dish, the city zone has 2 on, arch villa area has 4, bank river area has 9, more than Hangzhou area has 7.

Statistical number shows, area of room of the general goods on the meeting amounts to current Fang Bo 160 much square metre, add up to many 21000, 63.3% what occupy gross about, this makes clear in this year small model general goods room is supplied increase apparently, housing supplies a structure more hasten is reasonable; In ginseng exhibit sale Lou Panzhong, the Lou Panda of sale showing a house goes to 12, relatively in former years increases somewhat. According to forecasting, from each area building dish sale price circumstance looks, house price tends basically already stable.
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