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The building is energy-saving include 5 fields

Song Chunhua points out, the building is energy-saving include 5 fields: It is round-the-clock energy-saving, is not to show what northward winter heating, southern summer leaves air conditioning is seasonal solely energy-saving;

2 be those who point to whole life is energy-saving, will tell to the building, build from construction namely move, arrive newlier from maintenance demolish arrive again the processing of litter, whole structure lifecycle has energy-saving problem, how to save e.g. us with material, shorten carry, how is advanced energy-saving technology used inside the building, how does specific power consumption reduce in use process, how seasonable maintenance extends use fixed number of year, how litter still repeats use issue again additionally;

3 be all-around energy-saving, this is divided soft hard two respects, hard this includes heating, air conditioning ventilated etc, what still include to pass blame the sources of energy is energy-saving, for instance managing with water; Soft this basically is to point to through making code, policy, the energy-saving behavior that makes nurturance of the whole people good and habit;

4 be whole process is energy-saving, sell a house to finally from concoctive project approving namely, with energy-saving about, there also should be energy-saving idea when common people buys a house;

The last it is whole system energy-saving. Will tell to the building, it is palisade system above all, next air conditioning, heating room system, illume and system of home appliance the sources of energy, still have additionally detect, the cognizance system of energy-saving label, and the energy-saving service that begins to the society in the future, energy-saving detect etc.

Door model become first issue greatly too

According to our country newest policy is limitted, the level that consumer enjoys average house policy is less than of 120 square metre, allow each district rise at the same time 20 % , namely less than of 144 square metre.

"And 144 square metre are in Japan had been a person of extraordinary powers curtilage. This basically can reflect the problem that we exist in living consumption idea. " an expert that attend the meeting says.

As we have learned, arrive from 1990 2002, japan builds the house average door model be in basically 80 to drift between 100 square metre. In the developed country, after be being carried out through living for a long time, had chosen an accord with to close measurable, reasonable, can develop continuously door model interval: Sheet covers residential floor area to come in 85 square metre between 100 square metre. In last centuries 70 time arrive 90 time, of the developed country build residential door model ever also did bigger more, sweden most large family ever accomplished 115 square metre. Now, door model return to a reasonable interval afresh again. 2002, these 3 developed countries build Japan, Sweden and Germany the house is average floor area is respectively: 85 square metre, 90 square metre, 99 square metre.
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