National Day of house property business prepares for war Fang Bo is met

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The building city that returns neither one golden week resembles such now lively appearing. The privilege that buy a house, see friendship of couplet of room straight have transport service, client... all sorts of movements of house property business, the person that let buy a house got quite much material benefit.

New dish gather together

Today, wen Dingyuan of boast river · leaves again give 7 floors. This building dish be called 3 mound the surveyor's pole building of area piece dish, cover from first half of the year all the time to 22 days roll out source of the first batch of rooms last month, 7900 yuan all the person that valence ever was brought so that buy a house queues up in night of leakage of selling office doorway hard expect. Apart of time of two open quotation is such close, have the taste that strike while iron is hot very much. Now at the same time of open quotation still have share of market of building of C# of deep blue square.

Close paragraph of time, hangzhou a lot of buildings dish in succession embark upon a political venture: Maple China mansion on September 30 open quotation; Hold with · Lin Feng also at rolling out 118 flatlet source newly on September 30; Green city rolled out clothbound to build mansion of Jingui of hotel type apartment on October 2; G of city of world trade Li Jing the part was rolled out on October 2; An Jingyuan on October 1 open quotation; Again forth date from, still what turn the bend city of source of 3 period rooms newly on September 24 is love, chunjiang spends a month to rolled out last Lou Yingxia to enclosed ground for growing trees on September 25, center 1-3# building rolled out Wen Jing of Hangzhou bay · on September 26, on September 29, rich spring · spring bay opens a first phase to discharge house...

These open a room source is the biggest common characteristic newly is the price that enter town opposite reason, if Wen Dingyuan opens those who give 7900 yuan all valence, this Lou Panceng opens 9000 yuan hearsay before this; Hold with · Lin Feng to push Fang Yuanjun price newly 9740 yuan, and the aureate home with its photograph adjacent all valence 11600 yuan; Chunjiang spends price of month of the Yuan Jun that mirror glow 12000 yuan, and this building dish at present of the market secondhand house price is controlled in 13000 yuan commonly.

Pattern of the privilege that buy a house is much

With open a floor newly dish what become an interest into city set each other off with relatively rational price in succession is, activity of the privilege that develops business, sales promotion also does dynamic: Brilliant of south bank of · of China course of study rolls out a family during National Day a series of activities such as the recreational day, brigade that drives oneself, roll out 20 National Day to grow false indulgence room at the same time; 3 rivers · cries emerald green La Wan also was held on October 1 drive oneself swim activity, all participants return world of wild animal of can free amuse oneself; Palmy bay of day in relief · is rolled out " 3 great gifts are enjoyed ceaseless " , the value that represents 30 thousand yuan the person that the house is bought during this is OK buys a car, still can obtain value 8000 yuan Hong Kong Disney the family swims; Source of 50 indulgence room and much greater gift are rolled out during artistic Qian Tang also expresses National Day; And never had hit publicly external those who fold is medium garden of fine of · of a person of extraordinary powers also added activity of this sales promotion, rolled out 10 indulgence room; The day that is located in next sand yuan rolled out a group 2005 times to buy an activity.
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