China will build estate market early warning system

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As we have learned, ” of system of forecast of “ estate early-warning is the network system that a real time replaces, the system collected market of 40 cities estate all increment room and the unit price of the room that put an amount, sheet is covered clinch a deal the information such as valence, still built database of the index that monitor and information to release share a database.

Relevant economist expresses, forecast of “ estate early-warning trades truely in systematic ” quantity and trade the price, can coach well the person that buy a house is reasonable consumption, fool the problem such as the price that fry a room to developing business to exist in sale link, superintendency branch can in time discover and correct management. In addition, the system moves after rising, information of each district estate will be updated at any time, concerned branch is OK the metabolic condition that knows the market for a short while, make in time publish policy of corresponding adjusting control.

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