Beijing abroad tourist decreases first half of the year

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In Olympic Games economy, tourism is very important one part. But in the data that publishs yesterday, beijing enters a country first half of the year the data that the tourist reduces appears ” of some “ accident.

According to statistic of Beijing statistic bureau, whole first half of the year town is recieved enter a country brigade tourist counts 1.876 million person-time, than going up year of the corresponding period drop 5.1% . Fall increase ceaselessly since March, in April, fell in May achieve respectively 5.3% with 14.2% .

On the other hand, the travel that has Olympic Games idea —— Beijing travels (000802.SZ) released announcement to have a deficit beforehand recently: Predict metaphase net profit was about 2008 - 10.66 million yuan.

A staff member of Beijing scene travel agent tells a reporter, beijing enters a country travel busy season begins to controlled an end in October from May commonly. As a result of the Olympic Games (Sohu associates 2008 Olympic Gameses, associate government-owned net) draw near, the expenses related the travel such as the hotel rises very fast, cause the amount that travels domestic and internationally into Beijing so relatively the corresponding period decreased last year.

Yu Xiuqin of spokesman of news of Beijing statistic bureau thinks, short-term inside wait for a circumstance strictly as a result of security examination, tourism did not appear to grow considerably, but from will for a long time look, the Olympic Games has very positive stimulative effect to tourism.

Beijing tourism bureau says, predicting next month can have 400 thousand ~ only 450 thousand abroad tourists come to Beijing, this number and the data last year August keep balance basically.

Affect an issue about what the Olympic Games develops to Beijing economy, yu Xiuqin expresses, for whole, the Olympic Games has very big stimulative effect to Beijing economy growth. At present Beijing serves course of study to achieve 70% above to contributive rate of economy, economy grows and spend nevertheless count investment; Optimize through the structure at the same time, pattern of Beijing economy growth already moved change to be pulled for demand via be being pulled by investment move. Predict second half of the year includes next year economy to won't appear to fluctuate greatly this year so, “ goes to the economy after the Olympic Games situation, we have confidence ” very much.

Commodity house sells shrink 5 into

According to the data that Beijing statistic bureau publishs, beijing finishs estate development to invest 79.44 billion yuan first half of the year, grow 11.9 % compared to the same period, amplitude is compared first quarter fall after a rise 10.6 percent. First half of the year, beijing commodity house sells an area to be 4.571 million square metre, drop compared to the same period nearly 5 into.

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