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Cover dish united front broke down thoroughly, below powerful capital pressure, the house price of the Guangdong such as city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Fosan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, benefit's mainest city had apparent callback eventually.

In Dongguan, 10 thousand divisions had been caused 3 times depreciate mad tide. Since July, the occurrence of price of house of ” of “2 word head makes the development business of Dongguan shocking, 10 thousand divisions are carrying out its “ inflection point to talk the judgement of ” . And the message that came out recently, of Shanghai of 10 thousand divisions in carry out building dish 10 thousand divisions of “ ” of middle forest center took the lead in reducing total, tore apart price of “ Shanghai house not to drop the breach of ” .

10 thousand divisions of “ Guangzhou new course of development 2 period the likelihood is faced with adjust, 2 period price affirmation is lower than first phase, but lowest should not appear the price of ‘4’ word head. The relevant salesperson of 10 thousand divisions of ” expresses.

The constant of quick dilate before this is big, on June 28, peninsula of scene of constant big drive 2 period open quotation hits “ open quotation to need special offer, special offer appreciates surely the fascia of ” , semifinished product all valence 8000 yuan / square metre. And last year on October 1 when first phase open quotation, add 3000 yuan / top unit price feels the peninsula of scene of constant big drive that square metre decorates a level to 14 thousand - 15 thousand / square metre, the amplitude modulation below unit price is close 3 into. According to saying steam again of two weeks of capital passes after sales promotion 100 million.

Hit out actively and be being adjusted actively constant is greatly of 10 thousand divisions is not a case, the closest period of time, bay of the Milky Way, medium the sea, accrete, rich force, keep the large development business such as benefit, also join in succession depreciate cavalcade, the means that uses quick sale, fast withdrawal from circulation alleviates capital crisis.

Long for “ to save city ” to spread out “ to save oneself at the same time ”

Be aimed at afore-mentioned phenomena, guangdong saves Sui Sheng of Cai of chairman of real estate association to say, stand in the estate business of crossroad, when waiting to save city ” about sectional skill “ , more had begun to save oneself the action.

Estate company should save oneself, depreciating is important channel, president Li Sailian represents real estate of rich recently power, good business is ready the “ commissariat ” of hibernate, but some industries appeared however capital is insufficient, depreciate sale, fast steam again conduces to an enterprise overshooting difficulty.
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