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The tradition consumes what the place came true to measure to accumulate, arrive by the dot line, arrive from the line street, but pure move “ street ” indoor not be qualitative leap absolutely however, jump over Gai Yue when the shopping centers that collecting powerful absorption affinity big, build more more, from this and the problem that come is shown with each passing day. Recently, when Xing Heping of vice director of council of major of shopping centers of Chinese trade union accepts special report of our newspaper reporter, make clear express, shopping centers operation runs normative listed already schedule.

The shopping centers that regards commercial real estate as highest configuration is the complex system of much trade condition originally, and in intense competition more and more pursuit individual character and distinctive, but Xing Heping and the committee of shopping centers major that he is in are doing at present, want to search general character in the individual character of numerous and complicated just about, exploration gives the construction of shopping centers of a China and administrative standard. This one task is entrusted of Department of Commerce directly, will promulgate formally by Department of Commerce carry out, the sense is great this shows one spot.

This year in August, chinese shopping centers is built and administrative standard and hopeful of shopping centers term come on stage, grade of shopping centers of next year China differentiates the technology asks also face city. The construction of our country large shopping center will move toward a standard from consciousness, walk along development of one consecution sex, characteristic to change construction, compound change manage, standardization management, brand changes perfect way.

Analysis of much part changeover is unidentified

Shopping centers “ is landed project to development business, be opposite is to sell for business door, it is ” of consumptive recreational place to consumer, look in Xing Heping, complex part changes the fixed position analysis that needs meticulous in a subtle way, reason changes development to need to become consensus especially. In recent years the consequence that the blindness that shopping centers develops brings has begun to show. Of project approving of shopping centers development take the branch for the root, created the great waste of social natural resources. The purpose is developed unidentifiedly, ask manufacturer passivity accepts the building with existing good lid after that, this is the common fault in construction of Chinese shopping centers. Do not have in “ construction process mature the effective demand of all sorts of industry condition, a the simplest case, how can you imagine the floor interval of cinema and supermarket and high just the same? As to other garrison the businessman refuses to obey to the natural environment of big MALL more. ” and this kind of natural environment refuses to obey, the result that creates directly is cost is huge rebuild and nap.
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