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Yesterday is 2008 the 3rd day when estate of Shanghai of the 23rd China reveals Fair, also be on the weekend the last day, this house that is about to control booth today is handed in still can not receive enough person energy of life. In Shanghai exhibition center bite house price generally to death besides development business, do not hit absolutely lose sales promotion, cannot find any building city's active evidence almost.

Big development business sings leading role

The reporter notices, the amount that this ginseng postpones a business than before the room is exhibited can decrease apparently, before this March of “ Shanghai spring ” room exhibits dimensions to make an appointment with 150 20 thousand square metre, ginseng to exhibit an unit, the room exhibited dimensions to make an appointment with 180 35 thousand square metre, ginseng to exhibit an unit in May, and this the room is exhibited only many 40 Shanghai develops Shang Liang photograph, exhibit before the area is inferior to apparently two times. But ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be given priority to with look forward to of famous and large house, all of look forward to of numerous and famous house such as 10 thousand divisions, greenbelt, answer ground, roc glad, Xin Changning is present. The brand that makes each distinguishing feature with the larger area that exhibit a stage shows a house, pay attention to company brand more it seems that reveal. And in the building of small development business dish can occupy position in position of the brim that exhibit a house only, have the taste of conformity of estate market resource greatly.

In addition, a few buildings that are located in Pudong dish build up in on the west inside the house, reveal Fair ” to extend the form of the house independently with estate of “2008 Pudong new developed area, become this room to exhibit the one big characteristic of the meeting. Sweet wintersweet garden, benevolence constant is river bank city, tall the Pudong name such as bridge new city dish all attend exhibit meeting, the building that the development business such as 10 thousand divisions, greenbelt will be located in Pudong below the banner even dish alone fractionation comes out, exhibit in Pudong set again inside the house exhibit.

Citizens exhibit the enthusiasm of the meeting to current house and not quite tall. Exhibited on July 11 turn around day, the likelihood is the relation as a result of weekday, visiting number very not ideal, the person that be joined to exhibit for “ by appearance even crosses ” of the person that look around more. Two days later double cease day, visiting number increases somewhat, but exhibit meeting photograph to compare with room of before two years already ” of not to be named on the same day with. Development business people also be it seems that to this in anticipation, the building book that a few ginseng exhibit an enterprise to bring, material is not much also, the salesperson that sends a material early gathers in exhibit an one horn to chat.
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