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Skill room lot falls about 4 into

According to the data statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation, skill room market sells a state during the golden week this year not beautiful. "Economy of commodity house + is applicable room " the autograph is measured about relatively the golden week dropped last year nearly 4 into.

Look from total residential sale status, gold is periodic this year (on September 29 - on October 5) , beijing building city sells the house in all 1988. Odd from 1988 in light of this number, it is compared the sale during the golden week is even a few bigger last year. Nevertheless the fact is not such, in the house that because be signed this year,makes an appointment with much price fixing room, still have many economy at the same time applicable room centers an autograph to make an appointment with. Among them, sale of price fixing room achieved 781, applicable room lot makes an appointment with economy 622, so real sale is commodity house only 585, day all sells inadequacy 84.

The golden week last year also has a few economy in the sale applicable room lot is made an appointment with, we with these two golden weeks " economy is applicable house of room + commodity " contrast can discover, gold is periodic this year " economy of commodity house + is applicable room " the autograph is 1207 only in all about, and last year during the golden week (on October 1 - 7 days) it is 1913, day all is sold it is 273. Make an appointment with gross to look from the autograph, this year of the golden week " economy is applicable house of room + commodity " the sale is compared the golden week dropped last year 36.9% , adjacent 4 into. What is more,the rather that applicable room sold the economy during the golden week last year and not quite much, consider the word of this element, commodity house sale glides during the golden week this year actually even a few fiercer.

To this, place produces Li Wenjie of general manager of China north division to analyse in, day of skill room market all is not worth 90 autograph to restrict an amount during the golden week this year is a bit low really. Its are important the reason is, economic crisis of the United States affects our country, cause bigger effect to investment of our country estate especially, a lot of foreign capital in succession undersell place manages Chinese estate capital fund, major investment orgnaization is right the estate market of current China looks weak, the person that this brought about home to buy a house is insufficient to confidence of domestic estate market. The city after the analysis, the extent that although was increased,depreciates from development business but the market clinchs a deal the circumstance that the quantity still can not go up looks, the person that buy a house thinks building city has not seen an end apparently, wait-and-see still be in continuously.

Secondhand room sale falls 6 into

Skill room market is sold not beautiful, secondhand room market also hard escape by sheer luck. The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, the golden week is secondhand this year the sale of the room is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 6 into many.
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