Short-term rent transfer the golden week is secondhand building city trades low

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Exclusive this year gold circumference is false, already became those who measure building city last period " vane " . But according to each district secondhand in light of the feedback circumstance of room market, secondhand the buying and selling of the room trades the amount is small still fan. Clearly, the wait-and-see sentiment that the city after calm view grows is strong still.


Clinch a deal quantity annulus is closer than dropping 3 into

According to Beijing I love the data that my home provides to make clear, with compared last year, the client that entrust and refers has inside gold cycle this year, the amount keeps balance basically; But clinch a deal measured annulus comparing to drop 28% .

Reporter from Beijing company of a few intermediary understands, with the photograph is more secondhand than Beijing last year of room market rent trade the quantity is in however promotion. I love the data that my home provides to show, the building during the golden week is rented this year clinch a deal the link that the quantity has 49% compares amplitude. Investigate its reason, "Have partial original original idea to the client that buys a house, still be after calm view city, because this auxes would rather,the choice rents a house. Because this auxes would rather,the choice rents a house..


Billabong of bridal chamber market is secondhand client

Be in Shanghai, the person buy a house with hesitant state of mind is absent likewise a few. Data discloses, although day of the average per capita inside golden week holiday sees room quantity be achieved 1.5 times, but whole clinchs a deal the quantity still is continueing to drop.

Wu Tianhao of trifling region chief inspector expresses Tuo of general of Central Plains real estate on the west, begin from October 2, client belt sees a quantity begin to increase apparently. But state of mind is held in the arms hold " wait-and-see " client amount to is not little. "Still basically drop considerably as a result of anticipated price the phenomenon did not appear. " Wu Tianhao say.

Fourth Wei of vise general manager of the sea area on beautiful couplet property expresses, the concentration of market of bridal chamber of annulus of China and foreign countries of second half of the year is pushed dish, billabong the part is secondhand room market client, create dominant position of condition of a few a sector of an area not apparent, or the room source that sexual price compares unbalance unmanned make inquires.

Secondhand to the Shanghai after the golden week room market trend, general hold keeps the public figure inside course of study look upon manner. A personage inside course of study points out, the Shanghai building city October can duplicate probably September " before heat hind is cold " situation, below half-moon become friendship condition to not allow hopeful.


Rent trade hold windward

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