Economic observation: "Gold 9 " undone " silver-colored 10 " open bureau quality

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"This gloomy ' gold 9 ' building city can say to achieve nearly 3 years to come most serious slow-moving situation. " Xue Jianxiong of director of research center of bless power estate expresses, shanghai commodity house clinched a deal in September all valence and keep balance basically in August, but the supply demand relations that alleviated somewhat in August worsened quickly in September, comparing of supply and demand achieves 2.73: The history of 1 is new tall, beg a situation for be more than very apparent.

Be in Beijing, the building city that expects inside course of study " gold 9 " also did not appear. The statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, in September Beijing commodity house (period room) sale total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 2788, sale gross area makes an appointment with 330 thousand square metre, day all clinchs a deal the quantity is 93, compared to the same period 391 of last year September drop 76% , more close will 3 years have trade publicly a month that quantity lowest clinchs a deal in data.

Wait-and-see situation continues

Busy season not the reason of flourishing or with at present building city deepness is adjusted reach wait-and-see mood is concerned inside the market.

Concern before this " Jin Jiuyin 10 " network investigation shows, only the netizen of 4% can buy a house during this, the scale that chooses nearly two years not to buy a house is achieved however 70% . Meanwhile, development business is opposite this " Jin Jiuyin 10 " anticipate very low also, network investigation shows, the development business of 81% judges busy season not flourishing, the development business of 51% chooses to be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " push quickly dish, with capital of fast steam again.

Face weak building city, partial local government also already hold a memorial ceremony for goes out " help city " old standard, in order to give building city infuse " cardiac stimulant " . "11 " eve, nanjing joins a place " help city " cavalcade, released " the opinion that stabilizes healthy progress about maintaining estate market " , roll out the allowance that buy a house, cancel 20 measure such as an one price.

"Silver-colored 10 " be not valued

"Gold 9 " declare is undone, "Silver-colored 10 " also be not valued.

"Be based on global economy low fan, the person that buy a house also produces essential sex to transform to the anticipation of house price. The materiality that what the person that buy a house currently needs is house price drops, compare in order to reflect the sexual price of its product. However most development business is not to reduce decorate a standard to lend machine processing source of the poorest room namely will depreciate, apparently look fall very big but real privilege is not much, this is ' gold 9 ' the main reason that building city pulls deadlock. " Xue Jianxiong thinks, "As to the place ' help city ' , be afraid to the motivate of purchasing power finite also. Be afraid to the motivate of purchasing power finite also..
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