Guangzhou office building the 6 price that become a building under 10 thousand y

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The “ Jin Jiuyin of building city 10 ” are coming, current Guangzhou building city becomes friendship condition and pay no attention to however want. Yesterday (on August 27) , bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land announces 10 area estate of Guangzhou city traded July the circumstance that register shows, skill residence clinchs a deal the area lasts atrophic, become about than dropping again June, and among them of price fixing room clinch a deal held clinch a deal of gross area become half; Not only such, skill residence clinchs a deal all price also drops once more, 9122 yuan / square metre annulus drops than June 4.7% , rose only last year in July compared to the same period 7.4% , especially 90 square metre are the following and common in small family residence clinchs a deal all below the influence that valence clinchs a deal in large quantities of price fixing rooms only 5512 yuan / square metre, drop than June 875 yuan / square metre, fall amount to 14% .

To this, city of real-estate expert, Guangzhou achieves outstanding estate to invest article of Zhaozhuo of general manager of advisory limited company to think together, guangzhou building city clinchs a deal this year the volume drops to already was become considerably finality, mixed in September October, the possibility that price of house of town of predicting Guangzhou building drops is larger.

Ground Wang Kaijian

Reporter yesterday is in charge of bureau know from room of Guangzhou city land, up to August, guangzhou has had 59 residences project this year, in all 2259842 square metre are obtained with the ground " construction uses ground instrument of ratification " , these projects will undertake developing be openinged to booking even in 9 years, and at latest will be inside 3 years complete.

With urban residence average volume leads 2 computation, the Guangzhou inside 3 years will have residence of 450 much square metre to supply the market. And this is equivalent to roughly Guangzhou skill residence clinchs a deal this year of the quantity 6 into many, and its floor price is compared want before tall many, most be as high as 8000 multivariate / square metre.

Yue Xiuda drops clinch a deal price falls nearly two into

Guangzhou skill residence clinched a deal July the quantity continues atrophic all price drops, all valence is 9122 yuan / square metre; Among them, area of the Milky way 12536 yuan / of square metre clinch a deal all valence annulus is compared go up slightly, for whole town highest; 10 boroughs assembly hands in a quantity to drop 3.5% , center residence of 6 areas skill clinchs a deal drop two into ……

July, 10 area skill houses of Guangzhou town clinch a deal (trade register) all valence is 9122 yuan / square metre, drop than June 447 yuan / square metre; Secondhand the residence clinchs a deal all valence is 4257 yuan / square metre, rise compared to the same period 2.6% , annulus comparing drops 6.0% .
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