Forum of height of environment of the 3rd Chinese house is in Hangzhou hold

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In September 25 - 26 days, forum of height of environment of the 3rd Chinese house saves people congress hall to hold in Zhejiang. The senior expert of domain of environment of house of official of arrange of house of leader of relevant department of city of national construction ministry, Hangzhou, U.N. person, person and scholar and business of domestic and international famous development and stylist gather together, communicative Chinese resides an environment to build the road that can develop continuously, the person that proposes green, zoology, health in all hand in hand ranks an environment.

Forum of this height of environment of second person house reachs residential seminar by Hangzhou municipal government and Chinese estate committee of person house environment is sponsorred, gold house property group undertakes, and by foundation of China environmental protection the person ranks an environment special fund supports particularly. This second person resides the theme of environmental height forum to be: "Green person resides harmonious society " , honored guest attending the meeting around forum 3 big topic for discussions -- " rapid development city turns a tide " , " science and technology leads a person house future " , " compact model new town develops " , with thematic report and the form that interactive dialog photograph combines, spread out to be discussed deep. On forum, conference director Song Chunhua made architecture of construction ministry former undersecretary, China about " Chinese house builds development -- broad sense building is energy-saving with integrated and energy-saving measure " thematic report; Mark of Yang Qu of Hangzhou city deputy mayor delivers a speech and make " construction of environment of Hangzhou person house and compose build harmonious society " thematic report. Still held wonderful interactive conversation on seminar of forum special subject, du Gang of secretary-general of public policy committee builds seminar of science of Zhao Guanqian of Great Master of design of reconnaissance of country of adviser of academy of Chinese building design, China policy, Zhejiang university environment and gold dollar of development institute director joyous, gold LVC of Wu Zhongquan of president of house property group, Canada invests group president; The business of domestic and international famous development such as Yi Xiaodi of president of group of 100 buy trade spread out Liu Xingda of chairman of association of Asian house environment, sunshine " compact model new town develops " interactive dialog. Additional, the special subject report of the senior expert of domain of environment of house of official of arrange of U.N. person house, person and scholar is wonderful and explain the profound things in a simple way, lucid more, won the spot blast an applause.

Be worth what carry is, this the activity also is to serve as what U.N. initiates " world person lives day " one of activities of global celebration series, and the theme of day of world person house is this year " chiliad development target and city " the activity is held in Hangzhou, also containing to to the development of Hangzhou one kind is sent look. Hangzhou obtained U.N. person to reside award and Chinese environment award early or late not only two large award, initiated sexual ground to establish local person to reside environmental award in the whole nation, hangzhou person house resided environmental construction to establish model for our country and even world city person.
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