Forum of series of 2005 China office building

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Forum of series of 2005 China office building -- medium and small businesses is right the demand theme seminar of office building

As dimensions millions square metre shows acting office building rise abruptly, competition of market of Beijing office building is increasingly intense, and the small and medium sized business in growing is office building market the one share that energy has extremely in supplying an object. Suffer the effect of dimensions of oneself of medium and small businesses, capital, they are seeking healthy, low cost ceaselessly, have at the same time brand-new the office of business affairs figure grows platform. Medium and small businesses is right the demand of office building, make the attention central point with office building indispensable market.

Sponsor: Office building is decision-making resource center

Undertake jointly: Search room net " office building king " magazine
Newly spatio-temporal atelier

Spot direct seeding: Big China office building net

Time: On September 20 afternoon 2: 00, 4: 00

Place: Garden edifice assembly room is observed inside Party school of Beijing municipal Party committee

Invite a honored guest: Century of Zhang Zhen Beijing establishs Lin Gong to manage vise general manager
Wang Jianhua " industry of science and technology " magazine company president
Lawyer of director of office of attorney of flower island of Deng Zemin Beijing
Fengwei makes the same score office building secretary-general of decision-making resource center
Develop trade delegate

Compere: Office building of Li Jingfeng big China network editor in chief

Discussion outline:
1, analysis of current situation of office of Beijing medium and small businesses.
2, disparate industry medium and small businesses the demand that waits to office building area, function.
3, the office cost that medium and small businesses can bear.
4, the property management that medium and small businesses needs and form a complete set serve.
5, the city such as Guangzhou, Wuhan carries out the residence to prohibit the business effect to office building market.
6, the market opportunity of office building of Beijing second class and look into.
7, the commercial building is small to Beijing the influence that carries office building market.
8, the regional main effect when optional location of medium and small businesses

Seminar contact: Liu Zhenzhen
Connect a telephone call: 85111241-3703

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