The bedroom that cannot not know decorates appropriate and avoid

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Appearance of bedchamber of salient of unfavorable bevel edge suits bedchamber appearance upright and foursquare, unsuited bevel edge or it is polygonal shape. Bevel edge creates the illusion on the line of sight easily, much horn is caused easily oppressive, add the person's mortgage consequently, it is easy to come down for a long time outside Luo Huanji disease and hair business. Bedchamber by day Ying Mingliang, evening should dim bedchamber should set a window, besides air be able to current, OKer by day daylighting, make person mind carefree, and evening window should stock curtain, outside blocking resident luminous, make the person enters Mian easily.

Building bath lavatory unfavorable change bedchamber construction of whole of modern building cop, renovate a building so bath lavatory is set in same place. If will bedchamber of bath lavatory instead, certainly will is caused sleep upstair and downstair two bath lavatory in the center, and bath lavatory is damp, feculent place originally, clip is in in the center affect somewhat to environmental sanitation necessarily, when upstairs closestool, conduit additionally one actuate also is met absolutely those who affect you is quiet, cause harm to health of body and mind so. [NextPage]

The door cannot be rest place to gate bedchamber, need quiet, hidden from view close, and the gate needs for pass in and out of family, friend the place of classics, so the door does not accord with the condition with quiet bedchamber to the gate. The gate affects health and money use easily to the door continuously.

The door cannot is the place that excretes for the person to toilet toilet, produce dirty gas and fungus infection of hand or foot easily, can be opposite to the door so the air of bedchamber produces an effect, harmful to unripe body health of the person

The door cannot is opposite kitchen or fry with decoct of ingle of kitchen of kitchen photograph adjacent, eduction lampblack, affect the door that checking easily, endanger human body health, and make labour tabulation is not stabilized now. The kitchen is firing place, terribly is hot and dry, also should not be so with bedchamber photograph adjacent, especially berth is clingy the wall of cooking range.

The door cannot have reflection effect to specular mirror, in geomantic on can go back reflex of evil spirit gas, can block so fierce evil spirit. But the mirror is met to the door will fierce evil spirit strong gram is illuminated into bedchamber, draw on bad luck power.

Mirror and window of be born door should not be is to be used to bed mirror block evil spirit, action is go back reflex of evil spirit gas, cannot be opposite so bed. Especially people awakes from inside sleep, it is when consciousness is very not clear, be mirrorred easily the him place fright in mirror or French window.

Berth or the head of a bed should not be right when principal rooms door sleeps most safety of be particular about, quiet with stability, the door is room of pass in and out needs the place of classics, because this door cannot is opposite berth or the head of a bed. Otherwise the person on berth lacks safe sense easily, and have caustic health
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