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Every parent has the dream that hope children will have a bright future, conditional parent decorated a study technically still to the child. About the study decorate, geomantic learn to but have cultured,go up oh.

Of the study decorate, emphasize desk put. Geomantic learn to think desk or study are located in Wen Chang (Wen Quxing) azimuth, but furtherance school work.

Alleged " Wen Changfang " show what Wen Quxing flies to namely the position that face, in other words, flying happen to of article music star which azimuth, which azimuth is Wen Changfang. The Wen Chang of different house it is different, if sit the house with difficult the Northern Dynasties, its Wen Changfang is northeastern. But, have should notice at 2 o'clock:

It is to use Wen Chang, it is one kind aids a predestined relationship, if oneself do not learn seriously, calculate desk to be put in Wen Changxing, also at job of no help;

2 although can be helped,be Wen Changxing improve study result, won't increase the person's intelligence quotient however, reason is feebleminded personage, even if get Wen Quxing's help, also won't have too great success.

Set the trend of desk, in " indoor pattern is geomantic law " on should depend on the following principles:

(One) desk should is to doorway doorway to, bright hall is outside, place a law so, master have one's head screwed on the right way, but must not be developed by the door.

(2) after seat appropriate backside has back, sit, it is backer with the wall, ancient weigh Le Shan. This kind places a law, advocate get noble favor: The children that go to school, the teacher is favorite; Personage going to work, get boss appreciate and guide and support.

(3) unfavorable be developed this to make the door rush by the door evil spirit, master thought is not centered, spirit not beautiful, because this is brought to exam achievement poorer, and adult criterion job makes mistake easily

(4) this is short of unfavorable back door the case of backer: The person that go to school, those who cannot get a teacher is favorite; The personage that go to work, get the appreciate of boss and guide and support harder.

(5) unfavorable the palace in putting this is not had for all directions lean, isolated the case that does not have aid. No matter school work still is a career too won't good.

(6) the contraindication of the study 1, bookcase cannot too tall press -- advocate the body is frail; 2, bookcase cannot oppress desk -- advocate be distracted, work with one's mind or brains is dazed; 3, desk cannot be pressed below bridge -- advocate mind is messy; 4, study lamplight cannot too strong -- advocate easy exhaustion; 5, study electric equipment kind cannot too much -- advocate have a headache, mind not only; 6, study metope cannot stick God in disorder -- advocate crackbrained, nightmare, a suspicious frame of mind.
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