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Talk from environmental psychology or China's geomantic angle, different house can is opposite severally people health causes an effect, healthy and geomantic at 13 o'clock, will tell you how to pass through pair of geomantic different system to admit, the health of body and mind that lets oneself carries the state of full grade at any time! Do not live too high

Do not live too high, because you may absorb the magnetism that is less than the earth can and draw overmuch sun energy, easy mood moves restlessly. Additional, live what to disadvantage still have too high? That is " regular small swing " can make you neurological maladjusted add insomnia. If you live now, is high-rise, a good method can help you - plant quickly the dot is potted and add outfit curtain!

Cannot report

The thing that needs to use phone is not quite good to human body, one, not natural, 2, the might that is electromagnetism field is very horrible, the case that has an United States shows a power of electromagnetism field bloodcurdling actually, amnesia was gotten suddenly when a little boy is 12 years old, and achievement also suffer a disastrous decline, after investigation, it is the high-pressured power plant next door so in hair result. Although lose on the electric equipment might in the home, but fruit dish machine, cleaner and blower calculate stronger.

Jump Wu Yuwei

Of the parent that water has life say, water is the main factor that affects geomantic stand or fall, the house resembles a person same, little not water, because water is OK light and of with one action gas field tone is arranged, let you be in when house healthy, can put an aquatic animals box to be in the home so, raise a few lovely fish, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind can make your at every turn satisfactory again, but aquatic animals box is not put too tall, water should have flow!

Not dark

Geomantic in have tell so called nether world curtilage, shade gas is heavier curtilage, this kind geomantic formation reason actually very simple, it is energy inadequacy, and because house days lacks sun illuminate,energy inadequacy often is, night lacks light and send, if say to there is a certain place to often lack the illuminate of lamplight or sunshine in the home, can create the body some part is not problem, should improving the practice with this kind of best state is, lights brightly lit lets in fixed time.

The head of a bed does not have sound

Eye makes the same score everybody to all sleep before today 6-8 hour, if your the head of a bed is putting acoustics, also be in on behalf of it you beside accompanied you to sleep 6-8 hour, acoustics of the head of a bed is a decoration of very bad the head of a bed really, because heal,factitious thing should leave more far had healed, the growth that already the scientist confirms electric equipment can disturb cerebral cell 啰 !
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