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Each estate company reachs relevant unit:
The real estate of Hangzhou was in 2004 the guidance of policy of macroscopical adjusting control leaves the country, published a series of policy and idea, farther standard the behavior of estate market, from secondhand the room trades what the imposes time-out, 8.31 land to be restricted greatly regulation of 20% individual income tax, bank adds specified amount of breath, loan to spend is severe accuse, economy is applicable of room policy adjust and of net of room of transparent carry out enlightened etc, brought not little impact to Hangzhou building city.
2005 first quarter, macroscopical adjusting control continues to strengthen, "Country 8 " , 7 ministries and commissions " opinion " reach what local policy series combines a fist to hit out, more the development of Hangzhou real estate reached the person that buy a house to bring new task.
Current, how to promote Hangzhou real estate to last healthy stability develops, the person that how to make Hangzhou common people is resided has its house, this is Hangzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government, develop business, the responsibility with social joint all circles, also be obligatory mission. Reach the issue of existence to understand current situation of market of our city estate in the round, dug produces the essential sex account of these problems, build to be at ease for consumer thereby buy a house, be at ease the consumptive environment of housing, decision of association of society of Hangzhou city consumer, Hangzhou city advertisement is advanced on foundation of activity of punish of advertisement of house of one phase commodity, begin satisfaction of Hangzhou estate customer to spend investigation and make up write 2005 " An Juhang city of · of credit house property " conduct propaganda shows an activity. Reputation of business of development of quality of the house price that this second investigation activity involves consumer to care generally, building, estate is spent, advertisement acceptance cashs and freewill equality negotiates the contract wait for a problem. Findings is saving media of inside and outside publicly to give announce, provide information and decision-making basis for broad consumer and director branch. Meanwhile, hold an unit to still will adopt report of wide-ranging appraise sth through discussion, society and the method that evaluate centrally, the company that evaluates each unit correctly thereby sincere letter (beautiful praise) degree reach customer satisfaction to spend, concern function branch, expert to combine respective advantage to make up jointly write new building of a systematic introduction Hangzhou dish, satisfactory building dish, the data book of satisfactory development business and policy of city of 2005 Hangzhou building -- 2005 " An Juhang of · of credit house property city, fulfil " live in Hangzhou, do poineering work in Hangzhou " spirit, with period can real service at broad consumer.
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