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The be an official of manage of the Kingdom of Wei of nation of world of omnibus landed reference service company with famous whole world published a report to say recently, according to be opposite 171 cities survey the whole world, up to to the end of this year September, the whole world is high-grade office building hire rises generally, among them the hire of high-grade office building of London and Bombay occupies global first place at present.  

BBC report, be located in London on the west the hire of high-grade office building of the area is every square at present foot 328.91 dollars, rise extent is 41.9% . In Bombay, the office building of same kind is every square foot 189.51 dollars, rise extent is 55% . After close therewith is city of finance of rank tertiary London (180.8 dollars) , with the Moscow of the 4th (180.78 dollars) .

Hire of global office building rises, answer partly the rapid development of ascribe Asia economy. Among them, the development of Singapore is most rapid. In Singapore, hire of high-grade office building achieves every square foot 102.37 dollars, rose 82.6% .

To developing the need of fund and financial orgnaization development, and space of a sector of an area is nervous in the center of London, drive is worn the violent wind of hire of area office building rises London on the west. Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei carries out director introduction, "On the west area a sector of an area is approximately saturated it is one of main reasons that hire rises.

The most expensive a sector of an area is located in hire of American office building the city in new York, rank the whole world the 12nd. The report points out, suffer the United States second borrow a room to borrow the crisis to pound an influence, be located in the bank in the financial center such as Frankfurt and financial orgnaization to may reduce hire more space.

The report points out at the same time, although be below the shadow with credit constrictive market, the estate market in main city still is holding the whole world enough appeal. In addition, architectural is high mark level, full hire rate, usable period the main factor that also becomes hire to go tall continuously.

   The most expensive office building (every square foot) :

London, on the west area 328.91 dollars

India, bombay 189.51 dollars

London, financial city 180.8 dollars

Muscovite 180.78 dollars

Tokyo, the 178.61 dollars inside city

Tokyo, the 154.56 dollars outside city

Paris 127.48 dollars

Dollar of Xin Deli 126.73

Dublin 113.66 dollars

106.31 dollars of Hong Kong

  (data sources: Real estate of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei reports)

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