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On August 24, beijing Olympic Games this sport regale is luxuriant conclude, and Beijing building city did not resemble developing what business place expects to perform wonderful one act in that way however. Since go since annual bottom, shenzhen house price drops to already became the fact that does not dispute, and the violent storm that if Shenzhen building city is same,and other places of Shanghai, Beijing did not suffer. Latter, media reports Shanghai building city by dark fall turn for bright fall, so, whether can Beijing building city appear this kind of circumstance? To this, relevant expert expresses, building city is hit fold sales promotion and house price to drop directly the account of a generation is different, price of house of the Beijing after the Olympic Games drops or will by dark turn bright.

Depreciate in the dark quantitative change is accumulated

Price of “ Shenzhen house drops is a fact, and the evidence that Beijing and other places has not dropped apparently it seems that. A lot of buildings of Beijing dish dozen fold sales promotion activity, it is means of a kind of sale merely, belong to depreciate in the dark. Association of ” Beijing estate grooms central lukewarm director is being accepted " China produces classics news " when the reporter is interviewed, say.

National hair changed on August 12 appoint release data to show, the urban amount that countrywide house price dropped July or keeps balance expands further. 70 big in in the city, price of 29 towns house appears to drop or oppose draw aspect, among them Shanghai house price appears head fall, shenzhen house price still did not see an end after dropping greatly, continued to drop in July 0.9% .

In fact, shenzhen house price drops well-known, had dropped than highest last year nowadays at present 36% the left and right sides. And the house price to Shanghai and Beijing, data is had no to show house price drops before this. Latter, also have media coverage, in Shanghai group of 10 thousand families is mixed Jindeji is round (of bashful depreciate veil is torn apart thoroughly, it is most and OK that 10 thousand divisions announce odd flatlet is produced privilege 100 thousand yuan, and golden ground under market price case with every square metre ” of 2000 yuan “ special offer rolls out catchment of golden ground bay.

So, the building city situation of Beijing how? In fact, from this year the beginning of the year begins, the capital has many buildings dish the project develops sales promotion activity in different level land, not only pattern is various, if buy a room to send a car, send travel, send a car etc, but actual sale status did not see improve, the wait-and-see mood of consumer as before grumous. And recently, as the arrival of the Olympic Games, many development business want to borrow machine break deadlock, a week before contest opens in the Olympic Games, beijing building city enters price “ to fall madly ” phase, partial building dish the price of every square metre fall more than 30% .
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