Risk of bridal chamber loan is steep add

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Bridal chamber clinchs a deal the volume goes low continuously, what with living oneself demand gives priority to is secondhand room market clinchs a deal the quantity is relatively hopeful, partial bank gets lost secondhand room market, seek new business point of growth.

Last week, letter bank announces to cooperate to roll out “ in Beijing with some website in secondhand business of ” of house business straight have transport service, pertinent information shows, through “ secondhand ” of house business straight have transport service trades, buyers and sellers can save intermediary cost not only, letter bank returns acceptance 3 days to approve in borrow, change the name of owner in a register can loan.

The public figure that accepts a reporter to interview all expresses, of this new business roll out a purpose to depend on race to control secondhand room loan market, short-term inside won't produce materiality impact to estate broker company.

“ now of Beijing secondhand room market clinchs a deal quantity itself is not big, the client source that adds bank and estate broker company is different, no matter be room source or intent,buy room person amount under major manager company. The controller of company of a broker of ” Beijing tells Chinese economy times the reporter, the bank gets involved secondhand house business course occurs already, be not bank of the letter in traceable, it is early 5 years ago, agricultural bank some is famous inside Ceng Yuguo the website cooperates, had rolled out similar service.

In fact, straight customer business is a bank open with secondhand the room trades relevant business breed. This personage thinks, letter bank rolls out “ in secondhand ” of house business straight have transport service, it is another kind of form of straight customer business only, do not put in essential difference, accordingly, breed of this new business won't be right of Beijing secondhand room market structure produces impact.

Nevertheless, letter bank already was released however in extend secondhand the signal of room loan business. Analytic personage thinks, letter bank chooses to roll out this business in this phase in, intent of bank of the letter in the specification is strengthened in second half of the year secondhand the development of side of room loan business.

Letter bank is in charge of “ in secondhand the staff member that business of ” of house business straight have transport service consults tells a reporter, because roll out time opposite shorter, the information of carry out room that releases on the website at present is a bank for the most part the client before this.

The surface looks, besides the bank is believed to handle the loan that buy a house in attracting a client to be in, the bank appears and cannot from now on any gain are scored in trading. “ is secondhand to what clinch a deal by oneself room buyers and sellers, although the bank does not have collection intermediary cost, saved a few need to pay broker the fee of the company however. If be broker company,give a bank client introduction, handle loan through some bank, bank need returns the 1 % of loan amount return broker company, also the bank returns 1 . 5 % , if the client passes a bank to trade directly, this charge is managing come down, the bank still can attract a client. Personage of ” know the inside story says.
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