Shenzhen is rarely seen building dish sales promotion: Aperture? does the month

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Shenzhen building city is greeted August ” of “ freezing point. Statistical data shows official authority, this year first 7 months, shenzhen builds commodity room house to sell an area to reduce even more compared to the same period 5 into, area of residential empty place increases compared to the same period more exceed 9 to become. Give out early-warning to this government, if the market clinchs a deal,continue low fan, area of Shenzhen annual sale fears will dropping a level 10 years ago. The person that buy a house is wait-and-see, the house sells do not move, glide quickly continuously clinch a deal pressure of capital of outstanding achievement accentuation, force so that be in Shenzhen nearly two years rarely seen

building dish “ gave sales promotion tide again recently 3 months try building of ”——“ of all corners of the country buy, termless retreat order ” , “ room of special offer of ” of a price, it is to depreciate to invite ” of “ gold key to steward again again even close-fitting service.

“ tries the ” that buy a house to set 3 months consideration period

Yesterday morning, the reporter is south Shenzhen a mountainous area a building dish 6 period see wrongly written or mispronounced character of a red background is giant on building site scroll, marked ground is writing “3 above the month tries buy, termless retreat order ” .

We are pushing “ try the activity that buy a house, the hope can break the person that buy a house to hold the mentality with wait-and-see money. Young lady of building of ” carry out introduces enthusiasticly, that is to say, if buy a house person took a fancy to a city some central house, but take errant definite view temporarily, can hand in 50 thousand yuan of subscription to attend “ to try the ” that buy a house. In 3 subsequently months inside consideration period, the person that buy a house is OK because house price falls demote,any reason requirements return subscription, abandon buying “ to try the house property that buys ” . This building dish the sale says frankly about chief, although at present this dishes of sale is led,had amounted to 70% , but still have many 300 the rest, be faced with such now pushing dish of fastigium or have “ ” of bigger sale pressure.

And ask about “ to try the result that buys building of ” carry out, young lady of carry out building fumbles instantly rise, say only: “ result is right, there were 3 two clients to choose ‘ to try on my hand buy ’ . ” and reporter beside express clearly to just seeing the middleaged couple of the room: “ should hand in subscription, favourable without the price, once have other the house that the person that buy a house wants to buy us to take a fancy to, try the person that buy can submissively photograph lets. ”
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