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Very apparent, although press the data that statistic of more careful standard reachs, alleged break offerring also is extremely individual only. Crammer by debunk, the intent of an under cover rises to surface: Original, “ is broken just use governmental tool to the government for ” just.

According to the report, “ is broken offerring ” is the person that develop the vested interest such as business guides oneself actually the trick that performs oneself, the building that “ breaks those who offer ” is the corner in the person that fry a room and development business hand dish, exceed half above to be second half of the year was bought to the front of October 2006 2005, current price still has profit greatly. “ breaks the target that offers ” is “ ” of 39 batches of hoisting jack, hope government can publish policy, for ” of untie a person of bank credit “ , also create pressure and illusion to the bank at the same time, make the bank has the ” of “ weight used on a balance that strives for full credit condition.

From March 2005 8 ” publish “ country case, the government begins market of adjusting control estate, and house price is climbed continuously during this litre, especially the price of house of town of a gleam of such as Shenzhen rose again one times the left and right sides, force of public to the government letter was formed damage. The government thinks over ceaselessly and sum up experience lesson, published a few new adjusting control measure in succession. The adjustment of price of this round of house, be the result that effect sees at the beginning of a series of this adjusting control policy, this is hard-earned. If publish loose policy to help building city now, can cause damage of force of governmental public letter not only, will make more because Chinese building city is missed adjust an opportunity and accumulate a bigger bubble and bigger risk naturally.

Actually, contain tremendous foamy house price drops is popular feeling place to. Investigate of some media randomly according to south: Spic, Beijing, Shanghai, deep 4 ground have 57% suffer visit a person to think the government should not help city. Among them, 38% citizens think “ floor price has not fallen to reasonable level, the government should increase punish strength ” . Investigation shows at the same time, the informant of 72% is low still to building town hope fan, city is helped below this kind of circumstance, not only get effective hard, and be full of danger. Because house price drops,be the result that so that real from the people purchasing power is further and further,in successive years rises quickly. Optimal measure adjusts naturally of indulge building city only action sends force, make house price and people income level conform, make the purchasing power element of price of the house that prop up produces effect, the force that is not spec and hype holds dominant.
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