Tianjin one estate company " return a house without reason " get attention

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Society of economy of Tianjin society academy of sciences forecasts institute director Lu Wei to think, “ retreats room ” to will bring management sale pressure to development business without reason, but this just reflected an enterprise to be opposite the confidence of him project quality and character, it is an acceptance to consumer not only, one kind be pair of enterprise oneself more lashs. To developing business character, can raise client satisfaction to spend through this kind of activity with brand beauty praise degree; Right the person that buy a house, because the market goes small and the person that avoided to buy a house gets loss, consumer rights and interests also got ensuring, it may be said double win.

Qi Shihong of secretary-general of chamber of commerce of estate of Tianjin business association expresses, “ does not have what reason withdraws room ” commitment to roll out, undertake to real estate with the country the big setting of macroscopical policy adjusting control is concerned. Below this kind of adjusting control, market of the consumptive concept of the research and development that develops project of business house property and sale, common people, estate has entered autumn gradually.

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