Development business is added push strength of city of office building building

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Let us see these measure have how absorbing. The sea believes the value since open quotation of · intelligent garden 4880 yuan / square metre, to relatively mature high new developed area, this price is apparent the psychological price under people, the reporter ever guessed this dishes should be met be in 5600 yuan surely / square metre. Considering building of much home of new and high area dish center to the limit of one's capacity, business of this dishes of development is done not have apparently decide the value tall. On the foundation of this price, the sea believed · intelligent garden to still roll out old client to head the favourable activity that new client dismisses property to expend one year, in the meantime, they still will be in mid-autumn during roll out a series of privilege such as special offer room.

Such favourable strength compared with sincere base the center is a be outshone really. Sincere base the center rolls out gold room activity during the Olympic Games, according to the gold number of Beijing Olympic Games, rolled out room of more than 200 special offer, gold room is one-time privilege 30 thousand yuan, strength is quite great.

Above two buildings dish it is to pass mobile means to yield benefit at buying a house person, ivy of Lu Shang · is a lot of directer. Right the person that buy a house offers the 9.3 privilege that lose, this is in before the estate market of expensive " of " Luoyang paper is impossible thing at all.

Conserce strength and store up energy a summer, everybody hold back is worn an interest, preparation lets go one wrestle. Be about to break up in building city calendar in September, the market just will hand over a piece of what kind of exam paper each, will announce for us again what kind of building town future?

■ the expert is commented on

Get home market low confused impact, jinan building city also is in first half of the year low confused condition. The sale task that the beginning of the year of major development business decides, although had gone 8 months, can have finished calculate partly pretty good. The building with some not quite nice a sector of an area dish, sale task finishs 1/3 only, a few buildings dish but be forced to adjust plan of the beginning of the year.

This year in September, have a the Mid-autumn Festival small long holiday, the excel in of building city (guest of excel in rich, excel in news, excel in says) spending sales promotion will be the biggest in September characteristic. But after all, development business is pushed centrally dish, or doubly inviting favourable measure, as long as it is the person that buy a house get material benefit, development business sells a house, everyone is happy of buyers and sellers, it is the great good fortune of the market.

The person that buy a house: Fine house moves when this skill

No matter be active,erupt from inside silent market, still be forced to meet head-on because of capital pressure, develop business decisive battle in September. But to building city, the biggest potential profit is keep long in stock very the rigid demand of large half an year. With at present domestic estate market drops relatively very urban photograph is compared, otherness is apparent. In last few years, jinan is the national games that preparatory next year holds, the city transforms strength very big, former shanty town is torn open in contemporaneity build, all sorts of large trade condition plan afresh, make the future of Jinan anticipates very good, and the building city that also creates accordingly's firm rigid demand.
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