Via the existing office building in Zhongguancun fine decoration hall for rent

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Via the west side of building located in Zhongguancun, Suzhou Street 29, close to Beijing Bayi Middle School, and Zhongguancun West across the street, location, transportation is very convenient, bus in front of more than 20 direct access to major urban areas through the project from the upcoming opening of Metro Line 10, Suzhou Street Station is only 50 meters, the CBD and Zhongguancun high-speed through the two major shopping district. Buildings surrounding the distribution of all kinds of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment venues and other facilities, can be described as readily available. Via building is the Chinese and German co-operation between the designer's classic masterpiece. Building distinctive appearance, the internal layout of the reasonable, the use rate of 72%, the whole floor as high as 80% utilization. Building on the ground 19 floors, 5 floors underground layer Scriptorium ,5-19, the standard floor construction area of 2,600 square meters, framework, free combinations. 720 square meters of fine decoration is currently in a rented hall, located in the Offices Building, 8th floor, west, the utilization rate of up to 72%, heating the building with central air-conditioning. Daily reference price is 7 yuan / square meter (including management fees). Parking spaces for rent for 900 yuan / month.

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