Focus on long-term value of high yield long-term investment in Tianjin office

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Since bottoming out since the first half of 2010, Tianjin Grade A and Grade B office rents continue to rise in the third quarter of 2010. Tianjin office in the third quarter, the gross overall market increase of 3% to 3.6 yuan / square meter / day, the highest record since 2009. Good investment prospects to attract investor attention, in view of the investment office products with a long-term investment characteristics of the investment, the housing market also has a different method of operation. Investment experts said the need to focus on long-term investment value of office space, office lease is generally 2 to 3 years, do not rush to hire because of the short term and long-term benefits. Such as the Emperor Place, Landmark and other global sale of a representative type of property in the project about a year before entering the market stable, the rent rate of return remained at 6-8 percent, while the return on investment will take 10 years or so. This feature requires long-term investors, before investing, to estimate future investment returns there. If the office after the sale rental property owners to allow the individual, this would make the office tenants within the variable quality of property management is very difficult for the late passage of time will decrease the overall quality of the building, effective rents will continue to fall. However, some large office buildings were sold and turned over to the unified management of the rental agency, the agent taking a commission from rents, because these agents have a wealth of market experience and client resources, they will adjust with the building of its own high quality screening tenants, as far as possible to ensure the overall quality of the entire building, property management in place, the tenants locate clear, there will be a stable rental return guarantee. Therefore, in addition to considering the hardware standards and office lots, convenient transportation and other conventional factors, but also on the status of the project region, the average rent, customer structure, detailed understanding and analysis.

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