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- Experts say control policies that do not September 29, CCTV News Network reports, the State Council ministries and commissions were introduced measures to curb the recent surge in housing prices in some cities. Control policies in the pre-holiday release of secondary, industry stakeholders and the immediate Users of discussion, during the National Day can be described as "the housing market is not too cold": Since the announcement in the CCTV control policies, Golden Week, Beijing property market turnover has become the focus of debate. Beijing property market is just a case of cold media reports, there is "Raisin" was released - five days before the Beijing holiday 691 sets of commodity housing 期房 signed, and the 2009 Golden Week, compared to 358 units, an increase of more than doubled. As for the effectiveness of control policies, but also say, today. "Securities Daily" interview with chief real estate analyst at Changjiang Securities, Su Xuejing, he thought hit speculative investment demand, while the control policy is still Not the best. Commercial, "just to be" very hurt? Bo "Friends of stray tiger 6341" published in the microblogging remarks: "house prices did not fall, down payment and interest rates'd set up a. In the end is a new policy to curb rising housing prices or housing the poor can not afford?" Hold the same "complaints" a few users, the public focus has been focused on the 30% down payment. "Just be" very hurt? Su Xuejing, chief real estate analyst at Changjiang Securities, to accept the "Securities Daily" reporters, said he expressed to 30% down payment, the "just be" limited. This is because the property market to pick up some time ago, not Caused by the rigid requirements. Su Xuejing pointed out that according to his understanding of the situation, in July a lot of real estate transactions are one-time payment, rather than first-time home-based. Therefore, we can see that the so-called property "warmer" the main Is amplified by the investment caused by speculative demand. View of the June inflation expectations since, some real estate investors for a hedge against inflation considerations, without regard to political pressure and the financing costs of the case, moving trend is made Become the property market rebound. The rigid demand for residential, especially the first time home buyers, by the impact of control policies is limited. Hit speculative investment demand According to CCTV News Network reported that, in order to improve the differentiation of the housing credit policy, commercial banks suspended the third set of residents and families to buy more housing loans; on more than one year can not provide proof of local taxes or Social insurance contributions that non-residents purchase loans suspended. Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy Research Center director Chen Huai-related media in an interview that the introduction of this policy is to build on the previous show, "firmly curb the investment, speculative demand." The Su Xuejing to accept the "Securities Daily" interview also pointed out that the down payment to 30% relative compared to the purchase of off-site housing to stop lending and the third set of speculative investment demand will result in greater impact. Meanwhile, in his view out of the control policies do not, "just the beginning." He believes that this policy will have an observation period, the government will respond to the market to choose the control. The most favorable means: against hoarding Secondary control policies that effectively increase the effective supply of housing, housing prices rose too fast for the city to increase the total supply of residential land measures. Su Xuejing has said that the blind expansion of housing supply may not be correct Choice. From an economic perspective, demand reduction and supply will lead to amplification of the decline in commodity prices. However, Su Xuejing Quedui "Securities Daily" said, curb irrational demand is entirely correct, but His view, compared with the regulation of housing supply, speculative demand for housing investment is even more serious problems, the efficiency of the current system has yet to be run more quickly and strengthen the regulation and control policy there are many cards available out more number of fine Section to be improved. He said the regulation on the supply side of housing than when in the fight against the implementation of effective hoard. At this point he seems to coincide with the views of CRE securities - "the Securities Times" reporter who interviewed real estate securities analysis CRE Master Yang is leading, he had pointed out to crack down on hoarding of land will be a whole generation of developers to cash flow pressures. And the control policy, except for greater emphasis on efforts to implement the housing market regulation, the other four are real estate developers will have adverse impact on cash flow. And the fifth control policy, once the real estate to open Fat enterprises have idle land, reform land use and nature of the completion time delay to open, protected disk reluctant sellers and other illegal activities, to suspend the issuance of stocks, corporate bonds and the newly acquired land, all commercial banks to stop their hair Put new development loans and loan extension. That is, the policy will be ways to combat the financing of real estate developers hoarding behavior. Given the dependence of the real estate development for the funds, the view that housing prices currently listed funds face up tight, the policy will further tighten the consolidation of cash flow real estate developers.

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