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Yesterday morning, international of Hangzhou of supportive project, 2005 China lives in current Xibohui forum of design display height and news briefing of famous household brand, v/arc be on the throne at west lake highway craft of 18 the 6th space lives square kicks off. Public figure of many 300 domestic and international industry such as well-known architect Hong Daren attended Ma Tinggui of chairman of association of Chinese building adornment, international forum. Jiang Fudi of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference attends an opening ceremony.

This forum saves a building to decorate agent of guild, famous household by association of Chinese building adornment, Zhejiang (China) allied combination is sponsorred, the 6th space lives in Hangzhou life square undertakes. Forum tenet is " reveal international name to taste furniture, lead household to design tide " , by a definite date is divided 4 days it is 3 big, set many texts. Household industry will invite during the activity the expert inside well-known trademark stylist, course of study, around " Chinese high fashion lives in development trend " , " contemporary the performance that achieves contracted furniture formerly and development " , " ambry style and practical function " , " Italian household design and craft are made " , " household is acted the role of article. On October 26 - 31 days, still will hold news briefing of famous household brand.

First forum yesterday, drew the attention that industry of domestic and international numerous household travels together. In relaxed and lively atmosphere, general manager of MARINER of famous household company Mr Jorge.Mariner and Italy write Spain president of company of NOTTINBLU of brand of house of a person of academic or artistic distinction Mr StefanoGandolfi, brought at present the most popular household on international designs display tide concept; Dong Yijun of chairman of guild of province building adornment and Chinese interior design learn standing director Mr Chen Yaoguang, the development history that elaborated Chinese interior design and household furnishings respect mainly, current situation, characteristic, concept reachs development trend; International is famous architect Mr Hong Daren, change the different level such as design and difference, display concept difference from thing square article, the contest that elaborated domestic and international person of the same trade combines a concept.

Forum still holds the corresponding period " international Morpheus science and product exposition " , " news briefing of famous household brand " wait for relevant activity, the citizen that have fun at can manage to find time go looking.

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