2005 China (Hangzhou) business of operation of 10 big cities awards card ceremon

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The you honored guest such as business of development of leader of branch of director of Hangzhou real-estate industry, elite and expert assembles in Jiangxi of short for Zhejiang Province child guesthouse, sign up for course of study by Hangzhou daily group and 2005 China (Hangzhou) urban operation business recommends expert group to be sponsorred jointly " 2005 China (Hangzhou) business of operation of 10 big cities awards card ceremony " hold here.

In the ceremonially that give a shop sign, zhang Hong of head of a department of propaganda of members of standing committee of Hangzhou municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee is built for 2005 China (Hangzhou) him business of operation of 10 big cities or the delegate gives a shop sign respectively. 2005 China (Hangzhou) business of operation of 10 big cities is: Beauty of limited company of center of development of living district of Inc. of wide world group, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang amounts to estate group limited company, green estate of travel of house property group, Zhejiang develops limited company, Zhejiang China short for Zhejiang Province is industrial develop finite liability company, Zhejiang estate of city of limited company, Hangzhou develops line of business of Tian Yang buy jointly.

Bid of Yang Qu of deputy mayor of government of Hangzhou city people is right " business of operation of 10 big cities " selection activity gave height the opinion. He says: "Urban operation business " it is to comply with a batch when the city turns process history tide and emerge in large numbers comes out " the mission feels " , " sense of responsibility " development business, promoted the summary of Hangzhou real estate, promotion to their selection, built the figure of our city and sign, it is high-quality goods building dish pronominal.

The urban operation business that just wins this special honour is represented -- gentleman of report of Xiao Chuan of president of limited company of center of development of Hangzhou city living district and Zhejiang beauty amount to president of estate group limited company Mr Cai Ting to make a speech respectively, right " urban operation business " brand-new operation mode expresses self-identity, and express will load stronger sense of responsibility and mission feeling.

Country of Lijian of secretary of Party committee of group of trade of Hangzhou daily cable, president affirmed Hangzhou highly " urban operation business " the contribution that resides a career to Hangzhou person and responsibility. Hangzhou " urban operation business " the breakthrough trend that presents whole and the action of model for painting in countrywide limits, "Urban operation business " represents normative city operation is welcoming a new development good opportunity for Hangzhou estate.

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