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Fang Bo is met as scheduled and come, no matter the room hands in meeting hind, estate market will be shown why to move toward, the Fang Bo that is about to open act at least can give the market a sth hoped for and likely to happen. But, hand in to such rooms of a such period meeting, its market effect is met how, believe the market just is in each conjecture, also dare not say or state with certainty below absurd. We might as well here hand in the essence of the meeting to speak of from the room.

The room is handed in meeting, should belong to general product to be on sale a kind of the meeting. As vehicle develop, today's be on sale a kind of when can have made worldwide adept trade necessary meeting Wu sale. The commodity of residential house property that regards an industry as the gender reveals Fair (abbreviation " the room is handed in meeting " ) , look from the angle of market sale, have function of 4 basic sale:

The brand of the enterprise is revealed, brand conduct propaganda

To enterprise of any house property or building dish, can go up to appear formally to be handed in in the room, it is to pass elaborate plan above all, exhibit brightly in order to design distinctive, style make oneself become whole house to hand in can exhibit of field " most window " one of, the crowd that lets exhibit the flow in the meeting leaves distinct impression to company brand. In the meantime, page of handbill of announce of the enterprise an album of paintings of prominent company brand, product and the souvenir that contain company symbol, make the focal point of client and crowd collect.

Product (building dish) effective three-dimensional and stereo advertisement

Exhibiting can be the scene that company product shows, it is the directest advertisement releases a place. No matter be to exhibit board, model, still be example room, it is advertising carrier, can become a help this building dish in the main factor that exhibits win of the success on the meeting.

Product (building dish) spot sale, sales promotion, seek advice

Be on sale conference it may not be a bad idea, room is handed in meet, the purpose depends on selling a product better, this joins meeting enterprise to be opposite in the spot with respect to the requirement the sales promotion of the product, seek advice, build with the client be communicated goodly and interactive relationship is crucial. For example, some building dish hand in in the room during the meeting, roll out a group to purchase a club, inducted hundreds of members in all, ask strongly to fall in the client, roll out move of extraordinary lien benefit subscribe, hand in in the room during the meeting 3 days short there is 100 to come inside time a client undertook registering subscribe. And a building dish, good to do spot is sold, seek advice from personnel toward all sale that postpones meeting site to the clique, undertook aggrandizement of skill of the product knowledge of a week, sale grooms. Result, hand in in whole house during the meeting, all contacts cross this building dish the consumer of the exhibition hall, be attracted by the product introduction of this company major, to this building dish mature community, landscape resource, the characteristic of extremely rich place that whole village plans to design, and modern building gimmick gains clear and vivid knowledge etc, pan Yiliang attracted this building numerous those who buy the home chase after hold in both hands. In respect of spot sales promotion, also have a lot of adoptable methods: If roll out special offer room, to the person that buy a house real privilege is waited a moment.
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